Monday, February 10, 2014

Work in Progress

So, I'm busy at work revising two previously published stories. One is done and now I have to begin another. I also have a couple other stories in the works, but hit a road block, better known as writer's block. 
When I begin a story, I know the beginning and the end, most of the characters - or at least the hero and heroine. I think that's the problem with the two stories I started. I don't know the end of either of them. 
To make matters worse, the characters aren't speaking to me. Until they do, I won't be able to write. They need to tell me how the story ends. 
One of the stories is a take off of It's All in the Family, written from Aunt Beatrice Lulu's point of view. I love that old lady. The aunts in that story are a lot like my family used to be. We've calmed down a lot over the year, partly because we lost a sister and brother. 
I'm the second youngest of six children. I had three older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister. The oldest of my three brothers and my older sister passed from this world on to bigger and better things. We miss them dearly, especially my sister. She was my best friend and truth be told, the instigator of a lot of our foolishness. Not that the rest of us were innocent. Far from it. What one of us didn't think of the other would. And my younger sister is just as bad, as are my brothers. 
We've certainly played our share of jokes and tricks on each other through the years. Once, my sisters and I made fake fruit baskets and delivered them to all our brothers. We left one on my oldest brothers' doorstep, delivered another to a neighbor because we knew my brother wouldn't be home and the third, we took to my brothers' place of employment. Unfortunately, we didn't think to put something heavy in the baskets and the minute they picked them up, they knew they were fake. 
But, I'm off topic here. I was speaking about my works in progress, wasn't I? Hopefully, I'll finish them soon and get them published. 

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