Saturday, February 22, 2014


After a month and a half, we're finally getting to go to my son's for dinner. First we were sick, then we had two snow storms. Today is a beautiful, albeit cold, dry day and I'm looking forward to it. He moved into is house the end of November and took a while to get settled. We've not seen it since he moved in.
As I've posted before this has ben a bitterly cold winter with quite a lot of snow and we've pretty much been hibernating (so to speak). Definitely getting cabin fever, so this visit today couldn't have come at a better time.

Hit a block on my work in progress. Aunt Beatrcie Lulu quit talking again. Very unusual for her. She usually won't shut up. I'm sure she'll start again soon. Hopefully not today because if I don't get it written down immediately, I forget it and all is lost. I've often got up in the middle of the night because a thought came to me and I learned early on not to trust my memory. 

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