Friday, March 29, 2013

Time flies

when you're having fun. Or so I've heard. Not sure about the having fun part, but time sure is going by swiftly. Seems the older I get the quicker it goes.
I remember being a little girl and time dragged. I couldn't wait to be thirteen - a teenager and then it was twenty-one - a full blown adult.
Of course back then I thought everyone in their thirties was old, forties and fifties were ancient. I couldn't comprehend anyone in their sixties.
Funny, as I've aged how young thirty seemed - still does. Now I think people in their seventies are young.
Of course there are some benefits to aging. You get to see your children marry and have their own kids - watch them grow. If you're really blessed, like I am, you get to see your grandchildren marry and have kids. My oldest granddaughter just gave birth to her second child - a beautiful baby girl, Madalynn Rose - the Rose part is after me. When she first told me the name, I was overwhelmed. That one of my grandchildren would think enough of me to give their child part of my name did things to my insides I'd never experienced before.
I'll never forget when her mother, my oldest child was born. The feeling of pride and fear I had when I first looked at her. Here was a child who totally depended on me for everything. Was I up to the task? I vowed to be the best mother in the world. I'm not sure I lived up to that role. When I look back there so much I see that I could have done differently. But I did the best I could.
The feeling didn't lessen when my other children were born. In fact, I think the fear increase. Oh, I knew I could provide what the shelter and food they needed,  but could I provide the right amount of discipline, the right amount of emotional support?  I loved them, there was no doubt about that. I just hoped I could convey that love to them and still raise them to grow into independent men and women.
I accomplished that because they've all grown into wonderful men and women with families of their own. But, I still look back and wonder, could I have done something different? Been less strict? Shown more support? I guess we all doubt ourselves, but we do the best we can. And then we're blessed with grandchildren and now great grandchildren. I pray I live long enough to see them all married. My grandchildren range from two to twenty-nine. Will I live to see the two year old grown? I hope so.

Monday, March 25, 2013

We Never Said I Love You

Wounded soldier, Adrian Bancroft, has a whirlwind romance with his nurse. A foolish misunderstanding leads to a heated argument and he and Julie part in bitterness.With the black clouds of war hovering overhead, he returns to the hospital to sort things out with the woman he loves, but Julie has been banished because she is pregnant. Amidst the chaos of wartime London , he begins a desperate search for her.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Affinities, Escape

 a Books We Love Young Adult Fantasy, two sets of halfling twins, Ashlea, Brandien, Jaydren and Kylandra sent away from their home by their parents to protect them from trouble, search for mentors to teach them how to use their affinities. Each of these young teens has an affinity for one of the elements. Ash for Air, Bran for Water, Jay for Earth and Ky for Fire. During the escape, they face many problems forcing them to use their affinities by trial and error. They also meet Alizand, the son of the ruling prince of Wesren. Zand has an affinity for Fire and this will keep him from gaining the rule. Dom Senet, an advisor to his father, and once a friend of the quartet’s parents suspects Zand’s affinity. He wishes to corrupt the teen and use him to gain control of the four princedoms of the land and of the highlands. The evil dom has all four affinities. The four must reach a secret place and find teachers before the evil man discovers them

In Havens, the four teens, led by the mysterious birds they believe are their parents seek a place of safety where they can learn to control their affinities. They find a place of refuge with Doma Jandia, grandmother of their friend Zand. The doma plans to take them to the highlands but news of the capture of two of their friends by Dom Senet, sends them on a rescue mission. Their powers are not strong enough to defeat the evil dom. They must find a way to succeed or their friends will be corrupted forever.

In Searches, having found a safe place in a tower fortress, the four and their companions set out to find what they need to defeat Dom Senet and He Who Walks With Evil. They divide into three groups. The first group seeks the focus stones that enhance their affinities. The second group looks for the remaining artifacts, the swords, the staffs, the flutes and the scrying bowls. The third group sets out to find those with their affinities to round the groups to four of earth, four water, four air and four fire. Their strength will be needed in the final battle.

In Confrontations by J.L. Walters, a Books We Love Young Adult Fantasy, Ash, Bran, Ky and Jay along with their friends have now mastered their affinities. They now control their ability to use Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The time has come for them to face Dom Senet and He Who Walks with Evil. They have learned a disturbing fact. He Who Walks With Evil is able to exchange an old body for a new one. Dom Senet wishes to obtain the secret and he is willing to sacrifice even his own son to gain this power. The four sets of companions set off to rid the doms and domas of Dom Senet’s bonds and to defeat the two evil men. Can they or will they become pawns to evil?

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Driven to Love

Driven to Love by Pat Dale

Previously published as Goldie’s Bear

Night after night, Lucy yearns for her fabled fairy prince to rescue her. Thom Hill arrives, acting more like an ugly frog than the princely character in Lucy’s dreams. But who knows the magic in a simple kiss? If you knew a handsome hunk of a man was only a kiss away, would you do it? Would you kiss a frog?

Lucy did and Driven to Love tells you what she got for her effort. In a classic case of the irresistible force meeting an immovable object, Lucy Fox zeroes in on her hero and lets nothing deter her. Thom Hill is drawn into a sizzling romantic battle with the blonde dynamo, resulting in an affair that’s not too hot and not too cool, but just right.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Secret

A Cop in the Family, Book 1
by Jamie Hill
As if stumbling over a dead body isn't enough, Crystal Cartwright finds herself playing surrogate mother to two small boys when their father--her neighbor--doesn't come home. The kids aren't much trouble, but the thieves, drug dealers and kidnappers they're about to encounter are. 

Detective Jack Dunlevy, a cop down on his luck, draws the cases no one else wants. A simple investigation involving a dead homeless man quickly changes as Crystal enlists Jack's help with the children. Drawn into a mystery that none of them could have anticipated, they're faced with a situation that will change their lives forever.

"Ms. Hill is a genius! The plot line was AMAZING. It was action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time. Ms. Hill has become a favorite author of mine and I consider her to be an automatic add to my "to be read list". If you are a serious suspense loving reader who loves to form bonds with the characters, this is definitely the book for you! I loved it and can't wait to read more of Ms. Hill's books, she has the gift of knowing what the reader wants and then hitting you with an ending you certainly don't expect. Two thumbs up!" ~ Val, You Gotta Read Reviews, 5 Stars
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Abduction of Mary Rose

The Abduction of Mary Rose 
A suspense novel interwoven with threads of romance and paranormal.

Imagine discovering everything you believe about yourself to be a lie. And that the truth could stir a killer from his lair.

Following the death of the woman she believed to be her mother, 28-year-old Naomi Waters learns from a malicious aunt that she is not only adopted, but the product of a brutal rape that left her birth mother,  Mary Rose Francis, a teenager of Micmac ancestry, in a coma for 8 months. 

Dealing with a sense of betrayal and loss, but with new purpose in her life, Naomi vows to track down Mary Rose's attackers and bring them to justice. She places her story in the local paper, asking for information from residents who might remember something of the case that has been cold for nearly three decades. 

She is about to lose hope that her efforts will bear fruit, when she gets an anonymous phone call.  Naomi has attracted the attention of one who remembers the case well.  

But someone else has also read the article in the paper. The man whose DNA she carries.  
And he has Naomi in his sights.  

"Hovey’s The Abduction of Mary Rose was disturbingly satisfying. Naomi’s resilience and the strength which she managed to acquire were inspirational. Also, the author allowing readers to peek inside the mind of a sociopath was riveting. The cold madness which he displayed was masterfully crafted. Even though his character was well tailored, the relevance of the other characters cannot be annoyed, the way in which the other characters were incorporated, allowed the story to flow well. They added the components which led to Naomi achieving justice. The Abduction of Mary Rose was well worth the read and I hope that Hovey once more invites readers into Naomi’s world." ~ Kellie, You Need to Read, You Gotta Read Reviews

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Deadbeat Dads

Product DetailsHow many men leave their wives and families and ignore them? After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Erica Morris starts a group for ex wives of deadbeat dads and was surprised at how many there were. In the process of rebuilding her life,  someone tries to blackmail her. Can she put the past behind her or will it catch up to her?
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Partisan Heart - Gypsy Spirit

PARTISAN HEART - Book 2 – Tango of Death Series - Poland 1943-During WW II resistance movements  occurred in every occupied country by a variety of means, ranging from propaganda to outright warfare and the recapturing of towns, as well as hiding crashed pilots.
Partisan Heart tells the story of a Gypsy girl who follows her beloved into the forests of Poland and the Ukraine.  Their partisan group is willing to risk their lives blowing up train trestles, attacking SS killer squads, and to infiltrate Nazis intelligence to destroy Nazi Germany.  Resistance does exist.  If nothing else, to die with dignity is a form of resistance. h or

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Monday, March 11, 2013

A Winter Sabbatical

A Winter Sabbatical by Cheryl Wright
Marissa Temple, unable to come to terms with the death of her fiancĂ©, needs time alone. A Winter Sabbatical (Books We Love holiday romance)

Close friend Daniel offers the use of his quaint country cottage while he is overseas on a long term assignment. But Daniel forgot to mention his best mate, Travis Johnston. 

Marissa finds herself strangely attracted to Travis, but is torn between two loves; the one in the here and now, and the one in the hereafter.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Deadly Secrets by Jude Pittman

Welcome to Indian Creek, Texas, where you'll meet some amazing characters. Kelly McWinter, a retired cop who suffered a personal tragedy that caused him to quit the force. Kelly's dog, Jake, a German Shepherd who has fought some battles of his own, and Cameron G. Belscher III, owner of the Hideaway Bar and Barbecue and Kelly’s best friend. 

A Clint Eastwood, John Wayne type of guy, Kelly has been coming to grips with his personal grief and is once again feeling the pull to return to law enforcement.  That decision escalates when he and Jake find one of the Hideaway’s favourite characters dead on the floor of the flea market. 

Coincidences, the emergence of a secret life, a treasure, an heiress searching for her birth mother and the ulterior motives of some of the Creek’s own citizens all have Kelly scrambling to uncover the truth before his best friend ends up being convicted of a crime that Kelly is positive he didn’t commit.

"Deadly Secrets is a mystifying tale with several twists and turns and an ending that surprised me. This book has an old-fashioned detective story feel to it that is charming and complements the small town atmosphere ... the story had a good flow, with well fleshed out characters and I would look forward to reading more suspense from this author." ~ Fallen Angel Reviews

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