Monday, January 22, 2018

Losing a Pet

Last night, we lost Toby, our Bichon, who's been with us for twelve years. He
hadn't been feeling well for several days, and after blood work at a Clinic, the results showed several abnormalities.

One of them was diabetes as well as hypothyroidism. Not being able to understand medical language, I couldn't figure out what else was wrong with him.  Since the clinic we went to only treats well dogs - we took him for his update on shots and heart worm test - they recommended a blood test before they'd give him his shots.

After the results came back, they recommended we take him to a different vet and have him treated. The soonest I could get an appointment was Monday - today. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. We could see him going downhill throughout the day.

My husband and I both swear we could see him losing weight by the hour. We let him out as usual in the morning and he did his business, but was moving very slowly.  He refused food, drank sparingly, and slept most of the day. Every time he woke up, he drank a little and went outside. At least, that's how most of the day went.

By evening, he could barely walk, went outside and lay down. I had to carry him inside. Eventually, he quit drinking and quit going out. I suppose we could have taken him to an emergency clinic, but honestly, since we're on social security, we really couldn't afford it.

Besides that, I don't think they could have saved him and it would have cost an arm and leg. My husband and I took turns sitting with him and comforting him.
Our other dog, Oliver, a Shorkie - cross between a Shitzu and Yorkie - laid a short distance away as if he knew what was going on. When Toby finally slipped away, Oliver came over to him, checked him over and sat down.

It's painful watching a loved one die whether human or pet. Toby was an excellent dog, well trained (very easily trained) and a wonderful companion. We shall miss him, but thankfully, we still have Oliver to help fill our time.

This morning we had the painful decision as to what to do with him. We really couldn't afford cremation, besides which no one in the family other than my husband and me would want his ashes. Our time here on earth is limited as we're both getting up in age. Why go through the expense of saving his ashes.

Fortunately, the vet we were going to take him to this morning had the solution - a common burial, the least expensive option. Toby loved other dogs and I'm sure he'll be happy with our choice. Toby loved to ride in the car, chase squirrels, company - especially my son, Tim, who always gave them a treat when he came
in. I swear they knew when he was company. It was like they recognized the sound of his truck before he even pulled in the driveway. Toby loved camping, too, and we'll miss him being with us this year.

 We have many good memories with him and will cherish them always. He loved this house where he didn't have to be restrined on a leash and could run free in the fenced in yard.

Saying goodbye was difficult and we will miss him, but we know he's in a better place, pain free, and running with his new friends.