Friday, February 21, 2014

A Tease of Spring

Mother Nature loves to tease. Warmer temperatures the last couple of days gives us a taste of what's to come. With the brutal fridgid temperatures we've had this winter, they're a welcome change. Unfortunately, next week we return to the below average temps. 
But there's only one more week of February and March often brings warmer weather, more teasing and unfortunately, also more snow. But spring and summer inch closer as the days grow longer and we get more sunshine. 
I can't really complain, it is winter, after all, and in Ohio winter means cold and snow. Yet every year come February, everyone starts complaining and wishing for spring. I guess cabin fever sets in and isn't each season supposed to last 3 months? I know - it's only 3 months from the first day of winter to the first day of spring - but it seems much longer, at least this year. Seems like winter set in early November and we all know just because spring begins March 20th, it's not necessarily going to be warm from then on. Although every year we hope. 
I shouldn't wish the days away so quickly. Time passes much to fast as it is. The older you get, the quicker it passes. 

Well back to my work in progress - still no name. 

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