Sunday, February 9, 2014

More snow

What do I expect? It is winter after all and only the beginning of February. There's at least six more weeks of winter. I guess we got spoiled the last few years. This year has been brutal with the cold temperatures and above average snowfall.
It's not the snow I mind so much it's the bitter cold. Dangerously cold temperatures that even closed schools. Normal temperatures for January and February are in the 30s. We've had an awful lot of single digit temps with chill factors well below zero.
But it can only get better, right? As they say, Spring is just around the corner. I still wish I knew who 'they' were.

On the brighter side, I just released a book, Trouble Comes in Twos, a previously published and revised edition of Double the Trouble. Available from Amazon 

My Special Edition is also available from Amazon for only 99 cents for a limited time. Three books in one. Time to Love Again, Designed for Love, and Shadows in the Attic.

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