Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Welcome, Louisa Bacio

Summer Lovin’

When thinking of the phrase that describes the hot, sultry days of summer, the infamous song from “Grease” instantly flows through the mind. Think of the sensory details: the warmth of the sun beating down on bare shoulders; the taste of sea salt upon one’s lips and the freedom that a young summer fling provides.

When the temperature outside heats up, it’s only natural that the clothes come off. What better time to set an erotic thriller? My debut novel PHYSICAL EDUCATION is based at an exclusive sex school in the heart of San Francisco. Anyone who’s ever visited can only imagine the secretive groups hidden within the bustling city.


The opening line for Sex University: Physical Education was written while taking an online workshop about first lines. That opening zinger carried through from the first draft to the query to the synopsis to the final version. And, I’ve only had one friend actually tell me that he couldn’t get past the first line (something about knowing me and knowing what I was writing … he just couldn’t do it). Or, so he says.

Without giving too much away, the plot twist came together amazingly well. Some friends will swear that I possess a smidgen of psychic abilities. So when I was working on the final version, and then read about a related story happening within the United States … well, let’s just say that it was meant to be. Art that imitates life makes it all that much more real.

Erotic vs. Pornographic

In my non-writing life, I teach college classes in writing, English and then some fun subjects like popular culture and film studies. One student told me that she didn’t watch any R-rated films, and couldn’t stand even an “implied sex scene.” I couldn’t imagine: Isn’t that two people kissing on screen, and they go into the bedroom and shut the door. The lights dim and morning comes, and they come out looking all rumpled? The implied is what happens once the door shuts. You know, they get down and dirty!

Erotic romance may be descriptive, but like any type of literature there’s a place for it. Personally, I love the escapism of a steamy novel. Let me break away from my daily life of household chores and running errands for the kids (loveable but mundane) and whisk me on an adventure to another century, another dimension, or another country, and make sure that the hero is hunky and virile and the heroine knows what she wants between the sheets. Throw in a bit of kink, and the possibilities remain endless.

The Future?

As a reader and a writer, sometimes part of a story continues to resonate long after the book is finished. The chemistry between San Francisco Sex University’s headmistress Ms. Lucy and the budding dom student Clarissa continues to haunt me. After her tumultuous past, Clarissa deserves to find a secure and lasting love. Likewise, Officer Madge possesses more complexity than what she lets on. The woman has to ditch the badge, take her hair down and go wild. Perhaps, she can learn some new Physical Education lessons, herself!

Roseanne, thanks so much for the invitation to visit. I appreciate the opportunity, and I’ll be around to answer any guest questions.


An Erotic Thriller

Available now via Ravenous Romance


Rebecca Leigh said...

Aloha Loisa! What a great post!! Now I'm itching to know what the first line of the book is :) I'll go buy it to find out. The novel sound very intriguing and super hot. Fabulous combination.

Congrats on the release and good luck!

Louisa Bacio said...

Thanks much! No paranormal in this story, but if you want a taste of vampire, then check out "The Wait" in the Rekindled Romance anthology!