Thursday, June 24, 2010

Review of Time to Live Again     Cleveland

Review - Time to Live Again - Mainstream Romance By Ginger Simpson

Time to Live Again - Roseanne Dowell - Paranormal with 40+ Heroine

Rose Ashbury has suffered too many losses in a short period of time. First her parents, then her beloved husband, Frank, and her sister, Mary. Left with so much sorrow to absorb, and no will to recover from it, Rose becomes a recluse. Her constant companion is the ghost of her sister who constantly reminds her that life is passing her by and that she's become a bitter, old grouch.
Even the neighborhood kids fear the grumpy old lady whose house is the only one on the snow-lined street without Christmas decorations. Rose can't let go of the past and accept the future without those she loved so dearly. Her children have moved away, taking her grandchildren and leaving an even bigger void in her life. Aft fifty-eight, Rose feels certain she'll never love again and all the future holds for her is more pain and loneliness.
But life does take a turn when Stephen, the grandfather of the little girl next door comes calling. He's had loss in his life, too, and he's determined to penetrate the wall Rose has built around herself. Can he make a difference in her life? Will he be able to silence Mary's voice and bring happiness to a bitter widow? You'll have to read and find out.
Time to Live Again by Roseanne Dowell is a breath of fresh air for those readers who tire of the young beauties with perfect bodies who portray the heroines. You may even find yourself identifying with Rose's emotions and insecurities. This story is a feel good read that proves that with love and caring, all things are within our grasp. Kudos to Ms. Dowell for such a heart-warming story.

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