Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So Much for Good Intentions

With the weather forecast predicting colder weather starting tomorrow - January cold from what they're saying, I thought I'd take advantage of today's beautiful weather and put my outside decorations up.
So I gathered everything together, making several trips from the basement. First order of business was putting the lights in the bushes. Easy peasy.
Next came setting up the angel and the trees. The angel is also
easy, just had to put some stakes in the ground to hold her in place securely. With the lamp post staked and weighted down, I moved on to the trees. 
 The trees took a bit more work because they were in sections. Once they were securely in the ground, I placed Santa on the swing and secured him to the seat and staked him to the ground so the swing wouldn't blow too much in the wind. Could have Santa blowing away. 
4 Foot Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Yard Decoration

I ran the extensions cords, plugged everything into the proper places and, tada drum roll.. the moment of truth I plugged everything into the outlet.
The lights in the bushes looked great, the lamp post looked  awesome, as did the small tree. The large tree, however, was only half lit and the angel and Santa....well I'm sorry to say, the angel is dark and Santa, well no other word for it, Santa is dead. I'm going to look for lights to restring the angel, the large tree will remain half lit this year. And Santa...well I'm going to miss the old boy.

Monday, November 3, 2014

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