Monday, February 17, 2020

February Half Over

Wow, here it is the 17th of February already. The month is going by quickly.  Seems the older I get the quicker the time goes by.
It's been a fairly decent month weather-wise. A few cold days, but mostly above normal temps, just like January.  I hope that means an early spring and not that winter is delayed.
The bad thing (in my opinion) thing about these warm temps is the flu seems to be worse this year. I think we need those cold temps to kill the germs. On the other hand different types of germs live in cold temps, so maybe it's a trade off.
So far this year, my husband and I have been blessed to escape the nasty bug. Not that the flu season is over by any means. There's still a long way to go.
It is nice, however to see the days becoming longer - I should say daylight, shouldn't I - the days are still only 24 hours long.  And it's really been nice to see a lot of sunshine this winter. Normally the days are dreary, sometimes to the point of having to keep the lights on all day.
Beginning March 8th, only a few weeks away, the time changes again and it'll be light even later. Can't say I mind. I just wish they'd leave it one way or other already.  I hate they keep changing it. Of course, if they leave it to daylight savings time, it's going to be dark in the morning longer. If they leave it the way it is, it'll be dark earlier in the evening during the summer months. I think I'd rather have it get dark earlier. It's bad enough it doesn't get light until almost 8 AM in the winter. I can't imagine it not getting light until almost 9.
I guess I don't have much to say about it. They've been talking about changing it for years and so far it hasn't happened. Probably never will.
Today is a bright sunny day, and I'm enjoying it. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 50 again. Last Friday, it barely made it to 17 for a high.  No wonder everyone is sick. Crazy roller coaster weather.
We'll take the good with the bad and suffer the frigid winters every so often or the snowier than normal winters. And yes, we'll enjoy the warmer than normal also. We have no choice.