Sunday, March 30, 2014

Secrets, Lies, & Love

Another fantastic design from Karen Cote. She never ceases to amaze me.

A dilapidated Queen Anne Victoria, a dead body, and an ex boyfriend complicate life for Meghan Shelby
when she returns to her hometown after a ten year absence.

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Meghan loved this time of year, though a little too hot to start school in her opinion. Why they felt the need to go back in August was beyond her. She remembered her mother complaining about it years ago. “What was wrong with starting after Labor Day like they did in my day?” Her mother used to rant and rave for weeks before school started. Even got on the School Board. Not that it changed anything. School still started the last week in August. Meghan smiled at the memory.
Now that she thought about it, it was silly. Like they took the last week of vacation away from the kids. Bet the teachers didn’t like it either.
Meghan pulled into the school parking lot. Not much had changed here either. New landscaping, new windows, but that was about it. The old building looked pretty much the same.
Her footsteps echoed in the empty hall. She’d never been in the school when it was empty before. The strong odor of wax and other cleaning products prickled her nostrils. The clean smell lingered through the first few days of school.
It had been a long time since she’d been to the principal’s office and she stopped outside, took a deep breath and held it. Here goes nothing. Mr. Duncan said look for Mr. Mac.  He must be new in town. It wasn’t a name she remembered. So what was the worse he could say? Letting out her breath, she hurried inside, before her nerve left her. A man stood with his back to her, unpacking a box of books.
“Excuse me. I’m looking for Mr. Mac.”
 “I’m Mr. Mac.” He turned toward her.
Meghan’s breath caught in her throat. “Patrick!” The word slipped out of her mouth, before she could stop it. The love of her life stood in front of her, even better looking and sexier than she remembered. Her heart skipped a beat, her legs turned to jelly, and she grabbed the edge of the desk to steady herself.
Patrick smiled at her. That easy smile she remembered from long ago. The smile she used to love. It lit up his eyes.
“Little Meghan Shelby. Not so little anymore I see.”
Heat burned her cheeks as Patrick looked her up and down, apparently taking in every inch of her. He remembered her. After all this time he knew who she was. Would wonders never cease?
“Uh, um...” Oh crap. Now wasn’t the time to get tongue tied. “You’re the principal here?” Lord, could she work for him. See him every day?
“Yes, I am. I heard you were back in town. Are you staying then? Do you want to register your child?”
“Huh?” Her child, was he nuts? “Uh no I’m here about the secretarial position. Mr. Duncan was supposed to call you.”
“Really? You want the job?”
“Yes, didn’t Mr. Duncan call? He told me to come right over.”
 “If he did I didn’t hear the phone. I’ve been in and out of the office.” He nodded toward the stack of books. “Too busy around here this time of year.” Patrick grinned and motioned her into his office. “So tell me about yourself. What qualifies you for the job?”
Qualifications? Think damn it. What was the matter with her? She’d lost all train of thought. “Well, I’m computer proficient. I’m good with math. And I love children.” What more could he want?
“I see. So why do you want the position? Tell me about your education.”

His deep voice sent shivers down her spine. Meghan couldn’t take her gaze from him. All sense of reason flew out the window. She had the most God awful urge to reach up and push his dark hair out of his eyes. “I’m a former Math major, have two years of college. I’m a quick learner.” Finally, she looked away.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Another Great Design by Karen Cote

Imagine being threatened to give up your child. That’s exactly what happened to Vanessa Gleason. A fairytale marriage turned into a nightmare. Now, alone in the world, Vanessa vows to fight her wealthy ex-husband for custody. Was it fate that brought her to that little church on Christmas Eve?
Available from Amazon

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Deadbeat Dads

Karen Cote does it again.

After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Erica Morris starts a group for ex wives of deadbeat dads. Little did she know just how many there were. In the process of rebuilding her life, someone tries to blackmail her. Can she put the past behind her or will it catch up to her?
Avalilable from Amazon

“Okay ladies,” I looked at the women gathered around me. Lisa Daly, who encouraged me to start this group, was here and Nicole Brown. Poor thing never went out while she was married. Oh, and Louise Conners, I still couldn’t believe her husband ran off with his receptionist, and now they were going through a nasty divorce. Not sure why that surprised me more than the others. It shouldn’t. There was quite a turn out. Half the women I didn’t know.
I brought my attention back to the meeting. “First order of business, a name for our group, any ideas?”
“Deadbeat Dads Anonymous,” someone called out. 
“Wives of Deadbeat Dads,” someone else yelled. “Or Women Against Deadbeat Dads.”
“Better yet, how about Mothers Against Deadbeat Dads.  MADD!” Lisa Daly shouted.
I laughed. I couldn’t help it. There certainly wasn’t a shortage of names. “We’re mad for sure but that sounds too much like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.”
“ADD,” someone else yelled. Against Deadbeat Dads.”
Nicole Brown’s hand went up. “Nicole, what’s your idea?”
“How about Wives Enraged at Deadbeat Dads. W.E.D.D.?” Nicole’s voice barely reached above a whisper.
Poor Nicole. Her ex-husband had knocked her self confidence so low. I was surprised to even see her here.  I met her at a school function. Nicole’s daughter, Cindy, was in the same class as my Josh. I had heard through the grapevine that Bob, Nicole’s ex, had run off with a stripper. Talk about humiliating. I shivered at the thought. 
Suddenly everyone came alive. Shouts of “Hey, that’s great, I like that,” sounded throughout the room. 
“Okay then it’s unanimous, Wives Enraged at Deadbeat Dads it is. All in favor raise your hands. W.E.D.D.”  Kind of funny when you thought about it. None of us were wed any more.
Twelve hands went up.  “Motion carried. We are officially Wives Enraged at Deadbeat Dads. Now we need to set up a schedule for our meetings and discuss our agenda.  First, we need to choose a Chairperson.”
Nicole’s hand went up again. “I nominate Erica Morris for chair person.”
“I second that motion.” Lisa Daly raised her hand. “This group was your idea.  I think you should chair it.”
Me as chair person? I wasn’t too crazy about the idea. “Any other nominations?” I hoped someone would raise their hand. No such luck. Heat rushed into my face. I had a feeling it turned as red as my hair, which was pretty red. I wasn’t used to being the center of attention. Never liked it and sure didn’t care for it now.
The room remained quiet.
No other nominees. “Okay then, all in favor, show of hands. Motion carried, I guess I’m the chairperson. Thank you, I’m flattered.” Flattered but a little taken aback. Hopefully, I wouldn’t let anyone down.  “Let’s break for refreshments and we can continue our discussion while we snack.”  I needed a moment to myself.
I never expected the group to name me chairperson. I’d never chaired anything in my life. In fact, the parents group at my children’s school was the only other group I had ever joined.
Johnny didn’t like me to go out and do things. He expected his wife to stay home, and God forbid, I even suggested going out alone while he stayed home with the kids.  Anger flared in me as I recalled how often he came home late.  Working, yeah right, spending time with his playmates was more like it. How could I have been so stupid? I remembered the day he told me he was leaving. Just like that out of the clear blue sky.
“It’s not working for us, Erica,” Johnny said. “I found someone else.”

Oh, he found someone else all right, his young, sexy secretary. You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I should have known. All the signs were there, his late hours and lipstick on his collar. He was comforting the wife of a friend, he lied. I did a slow burn as the memories returned. And then he left, packed his clothes and just walked out without even a goodbye to the kids, left me to deal with them as usual.  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Love Again

From my latest release: 

He stopped at the door and waited for her. When he took the key from her hand, opened the door, reached inside, and flipped on a light, a warm sensation began in her stomach, and spread outward as he looked down at her.
This man was dangerous territory. “Thank you.” Christine’s insides trembled. She hoped her voice sounded calm. Holding her hand out for the key, she wished him away.
“Dinner tomorrow.” It was a statement not a question.
She bit her lip. A habit she never managed to break when someone irked her. How dare he be so presumptuous? “Sorry, I’m busy.” Closing the door halfway against him, she tried to hide behind it.
He reached up and combed his fingers through her short blond hair. The small gesture sent shock waves through her. She backed away. He chuckled, winked, and pulled the door closed behind him.

Darn it all, why was she acting like a silly teenager with a crush on the football captain? Infuriated at the feelings he instilled in her, she leaned against the closed door. Her body trembled. From anger or attraction, she wasn't sure. Christine shook her head, trying to clear it.

Available from Amazon 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Another Design from Karen Cote

Imagine finding a body washed up on your shore. That's exactly what happened to author, Jordan Blake, during an early Lake Effect snowstorm. So much for her quiet existence and plans to write. Who was this handsome stranger? 

Available from Amazon


“Darn, it’s getting cold.” Jordan shivered and zipped her sweat shirt.  Storms scared her, especially thunder and lightning. A movement caught the corner of her eye as she swiped at some papers flying across the deck. Something just washed up on the shore. Something big.
A body?
Dark clouds hovered across the lake while lighting streaked across the sky, as she jumped off the deck and raced toward the craggy shoreline.  Cold water splashed against her as waves crashed against the rocks like angry arms hurling water at an invisible enemy. The muffled sounds of thunder echoed in the distance. The air crackled with electricity. Probably just a bunch of old clothes washed up. Still, she had to see for herself.
Surely, no one in their right mind would be in the water this time of year? Everyone knew how quickly storms stirred up on Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes. Dangerous enough in the summer, this time of year, most boats had been dry docked. Not to mention, storm warnings had been broadcast on the radio and TV all morning. No one would be stupid enough to ignore the forecast. Would they?
Heavy rain and strong winds turning to snow with a drastic drop in temperature, and blizzard like conditions weren’t anything to ignore, especially on the lake. Jordan winced as lightning flashed again, back-lighting the dark clouds. Looked more like sunset than the middle of the day. Darn it, she wanted to be inside cuddling by the fire not out here in a storm. For two cents, she’d turn around and go back, but something stopped her. Something drew her forward.
A man’s body against the rocks.
Oh, Lord, please don’t let him be dead, she sent up a silent prayer. Sure didn’t look like the quiet weekend she planned writing. So much for looking forward to the first weekend without all the fall tourists. A weekend with a corpse wasn’t on her list of quiet. But she couldn’t leave him out here, either.
 Jordan stooped down, lifted his head out of the water, above the crashing waves, and felt for a pulse. Thank God, he was alive. Now, how was she going to get him out of here? She grabbed his arm, turned him over, and tried to pull him from the fury of the lake. Wave after wave pounced on him, their foamy peaks reaching out to reclaim him.
“Damn it!” Jordan slipped and joined him in the surf. Wet, cold, and angry, she struggled to pull him to higher ground, lost her breath, and fell again. This wasn’t going to work. His long, muscular frame outweighed her slender five foot two body and felt like dead weight.
 “You’re going to have to help me.” She grunted and gasped for breath, when the full force of icy waves pulled her down and washed over both of them.
No response.
“Damn it. I can’t do this alone.”
Still no response.
 “I hate to do this, but I see no alternative.” Jordan took a deep breath and pushed him over, rolling him like a barrel while trying to avoid cutting him on the sharp rocks. It wasn’t easy, but at least she managed to move him.
“Come on!” She tried to encourage some life from his limp body.  Far enough away from the waves, she leaned down to give him mouth to mouth, hoping to bring him around. His long straight nose, eyes set wide with bushy eyebrows, and the grin on his lips, even in his unconscious state, sent a ripple of excitement through her.
 Not a handsome man, but something about him stirred deep inside. Resisting the urge to run her fingers through his curly black hair, she leaned down to his mouth. When her lips touched his and opened them slightly, something familiar tugged on her heart. She hadn’t touched a man's mouth in, what, three years. This wasn’t exactly the way she imagined touching them again. Not that she ever imagined it. Never even thought about it. She’d had enough of men to last her a lifetime.
“Good grief, Jordan, you’re supposed to save him, not make out with him. What’s the matter with you?” The sound of her voice startled her. She hadn’t meant to speak out loud. Fortunately, the man didn’t hear her. She blew in his mouth again.
His chest heaved. He coughed, spluttered, spit water, and opened his eyes.
His gray blue eyes sparked something in her, bringing out emotions she hadn’t felt since long before Derek. Her stomach lurched. She moved away, avoided his touch. He pushed himself up on his elbows. Looked around.
“Daisy,” he moaned. “Daisy?”
 Jordan jumped up, stood on tiptoe and scanned the shoreline. “Who’s Daisy?” She continued to search, looking for a body, a dog, she didn’t know what. The rain threatened to start any minute. She smelled it. They needed to get to shelter and quick.
The temperature had already dropped, making the chilly October air downright cold. Being wet didn’t help. Not seeing anyone or anything and receiving no answer from the stranger, she turned back toward him.
“Come on.” She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him to his feet. He fell back and passed out again. “Damn it, I don’t need this.” What had she done to deserve this? All she wanted was to curl up in front of her fire and read or write.
“Get up, let’s go!” Lifting his head, she tried to bring him around, slapping his face lightly. Raindrops fell and quickly turned into a torrential downpour. She flinched again as lightning streaked across the sky. Thunder boomed. God, she hated storms.
“Come on, wake up. Damn it, why me? Why’d you wash up on my shoreline? The hell with it.” Having no choice, she pushed his limp form over and over, stopping often to catch her breath. Unsure where the strength came from, she rolled his large body across the sand toward her house.
“Okay now.” Jordan leaned down, put her hands under his arms, and taking a deep breath, pulled with all her might. Somehow, she managed to drag him up the step onto the deck. She wiped her face with the back of her hand as the wind whipped long strands of wet hair into her face. Freezing rain pellets pounded her, stinging her arms even through her sweatshirt. “Just a little more.” Fighting the wind and gasping for breath, she dragged him through the door into the great room and fell into a heap on top of him.
 After catching her breath, she rolled him across the floor toward the fireplace.
“That’s as far as you go, Bud.” Exhausted, cold, and soaked, Jordan couldn’t believe she had moved this large hunk all the way from the rocks into her house. Sitting down next to him, she shivered and brushed the water from his face. Where had he come from? How long had he been in the cold water? She hadn’t seen a boat, but the familiar brown vest and boots told her he’d been on a fishing trip. Pretty dumb if you asked her.
Probably a tourist. Shivering from the cold, she stood, and hurried to get towels and blankets. After drying him off, she removed his clothes, trying to avoid the sight of his naked body. For a moment, she stared at his long muscular legs and tanned burly chest. She swallowed hard. Heat flared, deep within and stirred a yearning in her.

Pushing aside her feelings, she managed to get him into a robe left over from Derek, pushing, rolling, and pulling his body to get his arms into the sleeves. She smiled at the too short robe. Derek was only five foot-ten, this guy was well over six feet. After covering him with blankets and putting a pillow under his head, she hurried to change into dry clothes of her own.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Now available

Two for Love is now available from Amazon as a paper book. 
Peviously published as A Second Chance and May I Have this Dance 

CHRISTINE Two years after a bitter divorce Christine Rollin resists the efforts of her daughter's matchmaking until she meets her son-in-law’s uncle, Steven Payton. Confirmed bachelor, Steven Payton agrees to help bring Christine out of her shell, but never expects to fall for her. Things are going great between them until Christine's ex- husband shows up, asking for a second chance. Will Christine choose her ex or her new life with Steven? 

ELIZABETH Forty-two years ago, Elizabeth Ashley fell in love with a boy her stern father disapproved of, and their life takes different paths. Now, returning to the place they met, she sits in the gazebo watching her granddaughter and a young man, who resembles her first love. Her memory takes her back. Back to a time when life was fun and carefree.

 Review of May I Have this Dance by Ladybug Lin Reviews: 5 out of 5 stars:
 Well done Ms. Dowell, and thank you for letting those of us with snow coating our roofs know the racing tattoo we still feel from time-to-time in our blood will always keep us young at heart. 

Review of A Second Chance by Ladybug Lin: 5 of 5 stars: 
Roseanne Dowell is a very prolific author of romance for those of us who've lived life, been through the ups and downs of its many pitfalls, and still have hopes for tomorrow's brightest horizons. Ms. Dowell gives us that and so much more in A SECOND CHANCE. She gives us a healthy dose of down-to-earth-reality too. BUT just when you think we're going to get a smooth sailing Happily Ever-after, she brings back the hubby who walked out before the story starts, finally realizing just how good he really had it...and now he wants it all back. What will our heroine do? Take a chance on the promise of the unknown, or take back the familiar even though the familiar let her down? I LOVED this story, and read it all in one sitting. (I put my cellphone on SHUT UP! Cellphones can be SOOOO annoying!) I am so pleased to see authors writing for the generation that is beyond the pale of first blush. Ms. Dowell is one of its best. 
4.0 out of 5 stars Happy And Short March 19, 2013 By Madeleine McLaughlin Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase 
Roseanne Dowell must have a happy outlook on life, and it's good she wants to share it with readers. Her characters resonate with the troubles of any one of us and her outcomes are what we all need in our life. If you like feel-good romance, this short book is for you.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trouble Comes in Twos

At least it did for Kate Wesley.

"Well, have you given any thought to my offer? Or have you been too busy with Mr. Big Bucks?"

"Excuse me?" Kate narrowed her eyes and looked at him. The nerve of that man. Even if she had been
spending time with Mark, which she had no intention of doing, it was certainly none of his business.

"To give me a chance to make it up to you."

"There's nothing to make up. Actually, you did me a favor." Let him stew on that for a while.

Adam put his hand to his chest. "Ouch, that hurts. Look, Kate, I know it was a cowardly thing to do, writing you that note, leaving you holding the bag for everything. I..."

"You owed me an explanation, but that doesn't matter any more, Adam. It's over. Let's forget it."

Available from Amazon

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Another Fantastic Design

from my talented friend Karen Cote.

Fate, kismet,  or whatever you want to call it, it turned Interior Designer, Wendy Seidel's world upside down. From a chance meeting at the airport to Florida and back to Ohio, she can't believe the strange circumstances that throw her together with Bill Johnson, after he literally knocks her off her feet at the airport.   

Available from Amazon


What the hell?” My carry-on bag slid across the floor and slammed into the wall. My feet slipped out from under me, I landed flat on my back, and someone fell on top of me, pinning me to the floor. The breath knocked out of me, I lay still a moment.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I finally caught my breath and pushed him off. “Everyone’s always in such a big hurry.”
“Why’d you slow down? You darned near stopped in front of me.” He stood up, brushed himself off and held out his hand to help me up. “Sorry.”
I knocked his hand away, got to my knees and stood. I didn’t need his help. Not his or anyone else’s for that matter. What I needed was to find my bag and get on to my gate.
“Look, I’m sorry. It was entirely my fault. I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry.” He held his hand out to me again, but I ignored it. “Here, let me get that for you.” He hurried to pick up my bag, but I grabbed it first.
“Look, Mister, I have a plane to catch, so excuse me if I don’t have time to chat.” I straightened my bag, grabbed the handle and started toward my gate. Good looking in a rustic sort of way, I had to admit. Probably worked outdoors or at least spent a lot of time outside. Not that it made any difference. I didn’t have time for him. Or any man for that matter. I had a career to build, and men didn’t figure into it.
It wasn’t that I didn’t like men. I did. Even dated occasionally. Eventually I’d like to have a relationship, even get married. But relationships and marriage took time, not a priority right now. My career came first. Something about him, though.
I couldn’t resist looking back. Great. He stood watching me with a silly smirk on his face. Nice eyes, soft gray.  I loved gray eyes. Maybe because my grandfather had gray eyes. He lifted his hand and waved at me. Heat burned my face, and I hurried off in the direction of the gate, looking at the signs above. Only at Gate 2. Not even close. Of course my gate was at the farthest end of the airport. Thankfully, there was plenty of time to get there.
I avoided a heavyset man, hell bent on his mission. I hated this time of year. Everyone was in such a big hurry.
To make matters worse, my butt hurt but I resisted rubbing it. Didn’t need to look like any more of an idiot. Ah, Gate 11, finally. Now I could sit down and relax, since there was still forty-five minutes before my flight. I took a book out of the side pocket of my carry-on and settled back to wait. Not that I could concentrate, anger at my boss raged inside me. Who in their right mind set up a meeting with a client right before New Years? And in Florida, no less. Obviously, Nick didn’t care that I had plans for New Year’s Eve.
So I was getting out of Ohio, big deal. Sure, my friends thought I was lucky, especially with the predicted snowstorm. Didn’t make any difference to me, I liked snow.
 I glanced out a window. Already it was coming down pretty heavy, and there was still a good half hour before my flight.
Damn it, I hated flying. I could have sent the samples just as easy. What was so important they required me to personally bring them?  I thought we’d settled everything before the client left. Why the sudden change? They could have at least waited until after the holidays.
Nick, my boss, promised I’d be home by New Year’s Eve. Yeah right. I knew how these things went. First this problem, than that one. I’d be lucky to be home in time for my nephew’s birthday on the sixth.  Nick better not have any funny ideas. This was strictly business. I’d heard about his reputation with women. So far he hadn’t shown an interest in me, and I certainly didn’t have a problem with that. Good-looking though Nick was, nothing about him attracted me. Definitely not my type. Not that I had a type.
“Looks like we’re on the same flight,” a masculine voice said.
I looked up and almost groaned out loud. This couldn’t be happening. What were the chances we’d be on the same flight? I tried to ignore him, but something drew my eyes to his.
“Bill Johnson.” He extended his hand toward me. “I really am sorry about knocking you down.”
I shrugged and shook his hand. “No problem.” A quiver started deep in my stomach when he held my hand a bit longer than necessary. Rough, calloused hands. Does hard work. Maybe construction. I pulled my hand away and turned my attention back to my book. I hated talking to people at airports. Lord, please tell me he doesn’t have the seat next to me. I couldn’t be that unlucky, could I?
Of course I could.
Taking a peek at the ticket sticking out of his coat pocket, I groaned. Seat 16A. No way, what were the chances? I hoped he’d take the hint and leave me alone.
“Are you staying in Fort Myers?” He sat down next to me.
Figured, no such luck. I nodded. Maybe if I didn’t contribute to the conversation, he’d go away. I kept my eyes on my book but couldn’t concentrate. I had the irresistible urge to look at him, but ignored it. What was it about him?
“Visiting or business?”
I looked up from my book. He just wasn’t going to quit. “Business, no time for pleasure.” Maybe that would shut him up.
He smiled. “Everyone has time for pleasure. All work and no play...” He let the rest of the saying hang. 
I put the book in front of my face. “I guess I’m a dull boy then.” Why didn’t he just let me read in peace. I couldn’t be much ruder. Some people just couldn’t take a hint.
Bill laughed. A big hearty laugh that caused people to stare.  I wanted to crawl under my seat. “What’s so funny?”
“Honey, you look like anything but a boy.” His gaze took me in from top to bottom and came to rest on my breasts.
Okay, I’m well endowed and wished I had left my jacket on. Not that there was much to see through my bulky sweater, but enough. Heat rushed to my face again. Crap, why did I blush so easily? My face was probably as red as my hair. “Okay, so I don’t look like a boy. Just finishing the saying. And DON’T call me honey!” I put the book in front of my face, turned away from him, and tried to read. Lord, spare me friendly people. Especially men.
 The last thing I needed was a man trying to pick me up. I wished he’d just go away.  I could call airport security, but didn’t want to cause a scene. He’d done enough of that.
“Since you won’t tell me your name, I don’t know what else to call you.”
“Don’t call me anything.” I slammed my book shut, stood, and walked to the window. What more did I have to do to let him know I wasn’t interested? I stared out the window. Things didn’t look good outside.
“Full blown blizzard.” Bill’s deep voice came from behind.
I felt his breath on my neck and shivered from the warmth of it. Or was it from his nearness? Whatever it was, I didn’t like it.  I looked at my watch. Still almost a half hour before take off. So far they hadn’t cancelled the flight.

As if my thoughts magically conjured it up, a voice came over the PA system. “We regret to inform you that all flights to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport have been cancelled until further notice.  New flights can be rebooked as soon as we resume our schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience. Airport shuttles are standing by to take you to a hotel. If you can’t get a room, you’re welcome to stay at the airport. Concession stands and restaurants will remain open for your convenience. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Glowing Review of Entangled Minds

Hooking a reader on the first page is an important tool for a reader, and Ms Dowell really pulls you in with Becca's rude awakening in Entangled Minds. Is she linked to a cop? A civilian? Or a killer? Or is she lined to both the shooting victim and the shooter? You'll have to read the book to find out, because it's too good to give away any of the plot, except to say Rebecca searches for the town in which this mystery takes place and finds it full of Victorian homes, quirky people, and plenty of suspects-enough to keep even me guessing until the very end. I really did not have the perpetrator anywhere on my list of suspects! If you've read my reviews, you know how difficult I am to fool. Brava Ms Dowell.

5.0 out of 5 stars Who Dunnit? Beat Me and That's Hard! March 1, 2014

Available for a limited time for 99 cents from Amazon 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Day

Another Design by my talented friend, Karen Cote.

Guilt-ridden, ashamed, and afraid her family will discover she succumbed to the seduction of the young, sexy, bachelor next door, Meg Baldwin takes a job as an interior designer. Her first job, decorating her favorite type of home, a Queen Anne Victorian. 

Available from Amazon

Sunday, March 9, 2014

You'll Never Be Alone

From my work in progress, You'll Never Be Alone

So Ed opened the flu and stuck a wire brush inside to make sure nothing was jammed.
“What the hell?” Ed jumped back. I turned around in time to see something fall.
“What’s that?”Whatever it was shook Ed up. He pushed me across the room.
“You don’t want to see that. Come on, let’s go in the kitchen.”
Well dog gone it, no one tells me what to do, not even Ed. Leastways not all the time. I pushed him aside, went to the fireplace. “What the hell is that?” I bent down for a closer look.

An arm, in tattered red flannel soiled with soot, lay on the grate. I reached out to pick it up, and a finger fell off. I jumped back. “What the hell is an arm doing in our fireplace?”

You can find my books at Amazon 

Trouble Comes in Twos is available from Amazon for 99 cents for a limited time. Here's another fantastic design by Karen Cote.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Entangled Minds

Strange, realistic visions and dreams invade Rebecca Brennan's mind. When she experienced someone's pain, she is determined to fidn out who shares her mind. Her search leads to a small town filled with
Victorian homes and interesting people. And puts her life in danger.

Available from Amazon

Monday, March 3, 2014


My friend, Karen Cote, talented writer and now graphic designer made this for me.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Created by a good friend, Karen Cote. What a talent she is.
All in the Family
Taking over the police chief's job in her hometown should have been easy for Callie Johnson. At least that's what she thought. After working in a big city, small town crime would be a breeze. What a surprise when she arrives to  find her grandmother, the judge, accused of murder. 
As if that wasn't enough, she's attacked while waking to her car. Between criminal investigations, her nutty family's antics, and her Aunt Beatrice Lulu's matchmaking, Callie has her work cut out for her. Will her grandmother be exonerated? Can Callie ward off her aunt's unsuitable suitors? What other surprises were in store for her? More importantly, will she find the person who attacked her?Available from Amazon.