Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Magazine for Writers

New Magazine Calling for Submisions

In today's ever-changing 'brave new world of publishing' we need a forum where you can keep track of what is working, what is not, and what is new. 

New Magazine For Writers

 I'm excited to hear about a new magazine opening up and actually calling for submissions!  It sounds as if The Writers Monthly Review Magazine is something that both poets and writers will want to take note of!  
The Writer’s Monthly Review Magazine
Debuting in January 2015
 A Magazine Where Writers, Poets, Authors, Editors, Publishers and Literary Agents Come Together Under One Roof Offering Inspiration, Motivation, Encouragement and Knowledge With One Another
 A magazine for writers of every genre 
$25 per year for 12 issues/published monthly
Writer’s groups get a 15% discount on all orders with a group of 10 or more.
Send form and check or money order or via paypal for $25 to: 
The Writer’s Monthly Review Magazinehttp://writersmonthlyreview.com/

Meet Marcella Simmons, the editor.   Marcella, welcome!  What will this magazine uniquely offer its readers and writers? What will make the magazine stand out?
The Writer’s Monthly Review Magazine is a place where new writers can read articles and learn from the mistakes of others; get encouragement, inspiration, motivation and feedback from other writers; our readers are for those who enjoy reading about writing to learn, etc. Our panel of writers will share information and knowledge in unique ways you won’t find in a classroom…
Oh, this is SO needed, especially in the realm of promotion and self publishing;  what works, what does not.   So much is changing so rapidly on those fronts!  How heavily will you/other editors be involved in editing articles that are submitted?
We have two editors on board who will be editing manuscripts and offering suggestions in rewrites…rewrites if necessary will be left up to writers.
 How many articles per issue will you expect to publish, and what ratio of contributors do you imagine to have between beginners/experts/editors/agents/etc.?
 Every month, we expect to publish anywhere between 8-15 articles. Since this is a new venture, there is no correct answer for what ratio of contributors there will be. But an educated guess is this: we work with new writers and will accept articles based on subject matter, content and valuable information useful to other writers each month; we will include guest editorials, articles from agents, experts and editors as they are presented to us. We are not limited to either group.
 So how did you decide to start on this project?  Starting a magazine from the get-go is a pretty ambitious project, for sure.
 I started writing back in the late eighties, and there were a handful of small press publications around that accepted my stories, articles and poetry. During that time, several local newspapers started publishing my columns and feature stories. From that time on, I launched my career doing what I love best! You guessed it! Writing. Since then, some of the small newsletters and magazines like Byline, The Writer, Writer's World and House Wife Writer's Forum have either changed hands (and names) or folded. It was publications such as these that held my hand and helped me become the writer I am today. There were many others (too many to name) that published my material regularly that have ceased to be. This, above all, is the reason why I am starting this magazine.. There's nothing new under the sun especially for writers, but newbies need a place to start and old pros need a place to submit their how-to's and other writing related articles to. I want to share my knowledge along with other writers and help others on their journey of becoming better, and published writers.
Oh, we need a good forum, and even more so today than back then!  I'll definitely help you promote this! I notice that you're asking readers to let you know what they'd like to see.  That's way cool, and a nice interactive start to the magazine.  How is your fan-base building coming along? 
 Our readers are our number one fans. When we meet their needs, and wants, this will certainly help us grow and become the worlds best little magazine on the market!  We've already started picking up fans from FACEBOOOK and other social media outlets, and I have started building my client/subscription database from the response I have gotten so far from this.
Whom do you see as your readership?
I have people all over the world interested in The Writer's Monthly Review Mag. because of our exposure on the Internet. There will be a readership of new writers from every walks of life, as well as professional ones. We work with both. Our readership will extend from the U.S into other countries.
It sounds like a superb resource for new writers!  And as I said here, we SO need these resources.  Way too many na├»ve new writers are getting scammed in this brave new publishing world!  And now for the hard questions;  are you going to be paying for submissions or simply offer exposure to contributing writers?
We do pay our writers as long as they are subscribers - shorter pieces get paid $5 and longer ones $10, plus they get 5 copies each. Nonsubscribers get paid in copies. We promote in two ways: in the print magazine and they get a contributors byline and recommendation on our website.
 Here is the link to our current writer's guidelines:
Very nice!  So there you go, folks.  A new magazine that will benefit you and can become a market for you as well. I've already subscribed to it.  Even if you don't subscribe to it, spread the word, will you, through your Twitter, Facebook, and social media?  Let's support a new marketplace and a 'zine that's going to benefit writers! 
Thanks so much, Marcella, for answering out questions and good luck with the magazine!
And remember -- Marcella is looking for submissions!  
Looking forward to January and the first issue!