Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two Love Again

From my latest release: 

He stopped at the door and waited for her. When he took the key from her hand, opened the door, reached inside, and flipped on a light, a warm sensation began in her stomach, and spread outward as he looked down at her.
This man was dangerous territory. “Thank you.” Christine’s insides trembled. She hoped her voice sounded calm. Holding her hand out for the key, she wished him away.
“Dinner tomorrow.” It was a statement not a question.
She bit her lip. A habit she never managed to break when someone irked her. How dare he be so presumptuous? “Sorry, I’m busy.” Closing the door halfway against him, she tried to hide behind it.
He reached up and combed his fingers through her short blond hair. The small gesture sent shock waves through her. She backed away. He chuckled, winked, and pulled the door closed behind him.

Darn it all, why was she acting like a silly teenager with a crush on the football captain? Infuriated at the feelings he instilled in her, she leaned against the closed door. Her body trembled. From anger or attraction, she wasn't sure. Christine shook her head, trying to clear it.

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Abbye Kovacevic said...

I'm assuming this is the Snip for Ginger's Blog?

Thanks for sharing. :)

Roseanne Dowell said...

Yes, Abbye, it's the snip for Ginger's blog. Thanks for stopping by.

Ginger Jones Simpson said...

This book sounds familiar. Love the cover, and enjoyed the snippet. Thanks for being part of the group. I just sent you an email about my screw up. :)

You might want to add the linky list so others can jump to the next person.

Kahleena MacCarthy said...

Great six. Looking forward to reading more.

Taryn Raye said...

Great six. I'm slow on the go getting around to reading everyone's Snips. Was out of town for my writers meeting this past weekend. By the time I got home last night I just wanted to crash.