Monday, March 17, 2014

Now available

Two for Love is now available from Amazon as a paper book. 
Peviously published as A Second Chance and May I Have this Dance 

CHRISTINE Two years after a bitter divorce Christine Rollin resists the efforts of her daughter's matchmaking until she meets her son-in-law’s uncle, Steven Payton. Confirmed bachelor, Steven Payton agrees to help bring Christine out of her shell, but never expects to fall for her. Things are going great between them until Christine's ex- husband shows up, asking for a second chance. Will Christine choose her ex or her new life with Steven? 

ELIZABETH Forty-two years ago, Elizabeth Ashley fell in love with a boy her stern father disapproved of, and their life takes different paths. Now, returning to the place they met, she sits in the gazebo watching her granddaughter and a young man, who resembles her first love. Her memory takes her back. Back to a time when life was fun and carefree.

 Review of May I Have this Dance by Ladybug Lin Reviews: 5 out of 5 stars:
 Well done Ms. Dowell, and thank you for letting those of us with snow coating our roofs know the racing tattoo we still feel from time-to-time in our blood will always keep us young at heart. 

Review of A Second Chance by Ladybug Lin: 5 of 5 stars: 
Roseanne Dowell is a very prolific author of romance for those of us who've lived life, been through the ups and downs of its many pitfalls, and still have hopes for tomorrow's brightest horizons. Ms. Dowell gives us that and so much more in A SECOND CHANCE. She gives us a healthy dose of down-to-earth-reality too. BUT just when you think we're going to get a smooth sailing Happily Ever-after, she brings back the hubby who walked out before the story starts, finally realizing just how good he really had it...and now he wants it all back. What will our heroine do? Take a chance on the promise of the unknown, or take back the familiar even though the familiar let her down? I LOVED this story, and read it all in one sitting. (I put my cellphone on SHUT UP! Cellphones can be SOOOO annoying!) I am so pleased to see authors writing for the generation that is beyond the pale of first blush. Ms. Dowell is one of its best. 
4.0 out of 5 stars Happy And Short March 19, 2013 By Madeleine McLaughlin Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase 
Roseanne Dowell must have a happy outlook on life, and it's good she wants to share it with readers. Her characters resonate with the troubles of any one of us and her outcomes are what we all need in our life. If you like feel-good romance, this short book is for you.

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