Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome, Heather Haven

I Can’t Keep up With My Life

Several years ago, when I discovered my husband was becoming a working musician on top of having a day job as a teacher, I knew I had to get a life that didn’t revolve around him. It was hard to wait up several nights a week for the one highlight of my day to show up, bleary-eyed and exhausted, only to give me a quick hello and kiss, and then stumble to bed, snoring not five minutes later. My plight was another form of the Empty Nest Syndrome, known as the Empty Spouse Syndrome.

I had always been a writer but I decided to become more serious about it than ever. I joined writing groups, took writing classes, and finished the novel I’d been threatening to finish for nearly ten years. I was no longer a Woman of Procrastination. I was a Get It Done Gal. And I am a Mere Shell of My Former Self.

Three years later, I am in the midst of writing my fourth novel. Two are being published by MuseItUp Publishing (shout Hosanna from the rooftops and pass out the bubbly). Murder is a Family Business, the first in the Alvarez Murder Mystery Series, debuts in less than a week. The second of the series, A Wedding To Die For, I am now editing. To Die For is out in May.

Another novel, not of that series, is on the back burner waiting for my last round of edits before I send it off to a publisher. Aside from my writing projects, such as a three-act play and a 5th mystery novel, I’ve had short stories published, entered and won writing contests, had two one-act plays mounted, created a website, and write a blog -- when I can remember. In short, I have become the person I’ve wanted to become only I’m having a hard time keeping up with me.

Add to that, I am a gourmet cook, which is fun but shopping, prep time and cooking take a lot of time and energy. Hubby Norman is a gourmet eater, so we get along just fine. But have you seen my kitchen lately? Where is Mr. Clean when you need him?

Then there are my two cats. Now most people might ponder how much trouble a cat can be. I am proud to say I am known for turning the average alley cat into a neurotic French Poodle. Putting the basic care and feeding of my pets aside, there is playtime, treat time, grooming time, picking up the toys from all over the floor time, and huggy-poo, kissy-face time. For me, having two cats is a time-consuming bit of business. But frankly, when I die I want to come back as one of my cats.

Also, Norman sings and plays the guitar in a group called Nigel and Clive and the British Invasion. They are sort of a Beatles Tribute rock and roll band and have taken the Bay Area by storm (curious? Go to http://www.nigelandclive.com/). Norman is “Clive” and I often go along on the more fun gigs, another venture that bites into my time but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

And somewhere in all of this, I do have to clean my house. If I don’t, the two cats, Ellie and Yulie, have threatened to call the SPCA and lodge a complaint. Even Mr. Clean occasionally protests.

Did I leave anything out? Probably. My mother says the people in China don’t know how I suffer. But not to worry. She sent them an email about it just the other day, so it’s covered.

Happy New Year, everyone. May the coming New Year bring you all you want and need.

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