Thursday, December 23, 2010

Welcome Becca Cavington - from Santa is a Lady

I want to thank Roseanne Dowell for inviting me to speak on her blog site.

And I’d like to thank you, Becca Cavington, for joining me. It’s always a pleasure to have one of you from Santa is a Lady on my blog.

It’s Christmas time in Northeringale, and let me tell you—there’s no place in the whole world I’d rather be at this time of the year.

Oh My. Here I am yakking away and I haven’t even introduced myself yet. My name is Becca, Beck for short, Cavington and I own the best confectionary shop in the entire tri-county area, called Sweets and Treats. My deliciously scented store is a favorite with all the children living in and around Northeringale. ‘Course it helps that I am also the place to go to if you want to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him all the magical things you hope to find under your tree Christmas morning…or at least it was—until last night.

Last night, just five days before Christmas, Santa was arrested!

Yep, that was my Santa you saw being carted off on your news in handcuffs and burying his head in his furry jacket trim!

The minute I saw the early edition of the local news, I learned the true meaning of PANIC ATTACK! The Northpole Throne without Santa is just about the sorriest sight you’ll ever see…but it gets worse.

The last four shopping days before Christmas are crucial to my store’s blackening bottom line. I immediately dug out the phone number for Santa University where “professional” Santas go to earn their “letters” in Santaology, but every degreed Santa is already “on-the-throne” so to speak. There’s something so totally unfair about that. Don’t you agree?

I had to do something! When my store opens tomorrow morning, the good little girls and boys, not to mention their harried parents, are expecting to find the Jolly Old Elf sitting where he belongs!

Let me just take a second here and explain…panic sometimes makes you do crazy things—so I am claiming Temporary Retail Insanity for what happened.

My best friend, Angie Brightwell…yes THAT Angie Brightwell, mystery writer beyond compare…fought against my suggestion with the tenacity of a miniature rottweiler, but when you are up against the wall, who you gonna call? Your absolute best friend even if she does sound like a mouse on helium.

I can trust Angie, and with only four days to go nothing more could possibly go wrong…right?

Famous Last Words!

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Again, I want to thank Roseanne Dowell and wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas.

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