Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome, Krista D. Ball

So, Roseanne asked me to talk about all of the things that make me human. I'm not certain that I am human. Ever since the aliens took me, I've never felt quite the same, you know? Off somehow. But, let's try out this interview of hers on the slim chance that I'm still one of you.

Favourite thing: Newfie Screech. Whispering Oh, apparently I can't list alcohol as a favourite thing. Roseanne doesn't want me to perpetuate the stereotype of authors being drunkards. So, um, I've got nothing. I have lots of things that I like: a brightly-decorated pottery serving tray, these beige socks that are so comfy, a feather my eldest step-son gave me, a painting my youngest step-son gave me. I usually don't grow attached to objects so, once gone, it's gone.

Hobbies: Killing zombies. Whispering No, I'm not talking about killing people. Geez, that would be illegal. I'm talking zombies. Whispering. What? Zombies are not people, too. What on earth have you been reading? All right, all right. I'll list something normal. I like gardening with native Albertan plants.
List of my books: Oo! Oo! I can talk about this. I have several short stories available, but I'd like to mention two right now. First, is my light-hearted werewolf story, The Amazing Transformation of Wicca Dog. Robert is bitten by his werewolf nephew. But he's not worried. Werewolves are actually real. Unfortunately for Robert, mischievous Pan is trotting around, looking for something to do. You can read a sample and purchase the story here

On October 1, my First Nations story, Harvest Moon, will be released through MuseItUp Publishing
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Here's an excerpt from Harvest Moon’s Chapter 1:

Cross-legged, Dancing Cat sat pounding the sun-dried Saskatoon berries between two hand-sized rocks. The stone, her hands, and her buckskin dress all bore the tell-tale signs of berry duty. Streaks of red dye, impossible to clean, striped her clothing and tanned skin. She tried pushing her hair off her cheeks, only to have the sticky residue coating her fingers glue the dark strands in place.
The black flies swarmed and buzzed, ready to feast.
She worked in silence as part of the greater circle of twenty women, who chatted as they worked. Dancing Cat had no reason to join in. They only spoke to her to criticize or belittle, never for companionship. The band no longer even called her by name.
Her attention faded away from her work. She stared past the women to catch a glimpse of Eagle Eyes, her brother, mounting his horse. He was only six years older than her and already leading hunting parties, while she sat, docile and obedient, making powdered berries. His gaze caught hers, full of warning. She looked away with the heaviness of her situation pressing against her chest. Dancing Cat pounded her berries harder, trying to crush her own aching loneliness.

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Charlie said...

Love the Excerpt! Excellent job. Sounds like a wonderful read. Thanks for sharing.

Krista D. Ball said...

Hi Charlie,

I'm glad you like it. Harvest Moon ended up releasing ahead of schedule so it's all ready to go over at the publisher's website!

I have the first chapter for free on my website - Feel free to go have a read :)