Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome, David J. Normoyle

Games of Thrones - a tribute.
Thanks for hosting me, Roseanne. I want to talk about my favourite book today.

It's Game of Thrones, the first book in the George R.R. Martin's Song of Fire
and Ice Series.

We enter a world with a host of breathtakingly original characters. Each one has
their own motivations, desires and flaws. Usually in books, you know that the
good guys will survive despite the dangerous situations they get themselves
into, but not here. No one is safe; anyone can die at any time. We don't even
know who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are. Everyone is a shade of
grey. Characters who you haven't figured out are good or bad do things which you
aren't sure are right or wrong.

Their world is a medieval one with fantasy elements. It's a large interesting
place, with kingdoms and fiefdoms, cities and mountains. The characters traverse
it: plotting, fighting, escaping, living, dying. It's an adult world, not
sanitised, with sex, cursing, war, incest, death. It's not easy to make the best
decision even for the most noble characters, as every choice has uncertain
ramifications. They have to throw the dice, with their lives and often thousands
of other lives on a knife edge.

Every chapters forms a short story with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

Generally the ending of every chapter is a new twist or surprise which leaves
you wanting more, only to find out that George R.R. Martin has taken you to a
new character who will face different challenges. As the book progresses the
characters' journeys weaves around each other, creating the a coherent story.

There are now four books released in the series and my only criticism is the
length of time the author is taking to produce the next one. In the meantime,
HBO are creating a mini-series based on the books with a host of great actors
including Sean Bean. It promises to be fantastic and is due out next year.

That series is my Everest as I embark on my writing career. It's fantastic to
have as an inspiration even if I never scale the heights.

My first novel Crimson Dream a Young Adult Fantasy, is released in February.

Check out my website: for further details or follow my


Centuries ago, Deren's people fled to a hidden valley deep in the mountains
chased by the Domain, whose powerful Seers could not find them.

Deren’s safe world disintegrates when his vision foretells his sister’s death by
a Domain soldier. Deren can't defend Bennie because of his asthmatic attacks, so
he trains her in archery and prepares his people for war against their ancient

As the invasion advances, Bennie's mastery of the bow leads her along unexpected
paths. Although she hates killing, she must make hard choices. Her loved ones
will die if she doesn't help them.

Will Bennie’s encounter with an enemy prince prove the key to survival? Can

Deren overcome his physical weaknesses and the doubts of his own father to lead
his people?
With fate and overwhelming force stacked against them, it seems their best
efforts will be in vain.


Deren tried to get up to help Oso and Bennie and fell onto his back. He began to
gasp, his breath labouring through his lungs, fighting for every mouthful. He
took deep sucking drags of air, clutching his neck with his hands. His own lungs
were drowning him, refusing to breathe. He looked into the sky, thinking he
would die. Although it was only twilight, a ghostly moon peeked over the trees.
Whistling noises crept up and down his throat. He prayed to the Goddess of the
Moon. Yenara, help me. Please, don't let me die. Bennie needs me. Please.

A face swam across his vision. "Deren, are you okay?" the face asked. "Deren,
try to calm yourself."
The voice was laden with worry. A hand touched the side of his face. Warm drops
landed on his forehead. "Don't give up on me," the voice said in a fierce


Charlie said...

Great post David. Love the review of Game of Thrones. Sounds wonderful. Also love the gist of your story, Crimson Dream. Great job. Good luck with it.

Karen McGrath said...

Thanks for the info about Game of Thrones, it sounds great.

Crimson Dream is excellent, can't wait for it to be released. Best wishes with your writing, David!

David J Normoyle said...

Thanks Karen and Charlie. Games of Thrones is a great book.

And hopefully many people get to enjoy Crimson Dream.

Arlene said...

From the series that inspires you, and the glimpse into Crimson Dream, you caught my interest. Thanks for letting us know a bit more about you.

S.Durham said...

David your story sounds very intriguing! You reminded me that someone suggested George R.R. Martin to me to read, and I didn't get around to it. Now I will make a point of reading his books. Congratulations! I am excited about all these young adult books! I've got a feeling they will be very successful!