Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome, John B. Rosenman

Strange Passions

I’d like to thank Roseanne for letting me tell you a little about myself, in particular my writing.

I’ve published nearly twenty books and 350 stories, most in the SF/Fantasy/Horror categories. My four upcoming books with MuseItUp Publishing reflect this focus. I love to create—or to try to create—unique characters who seek romance, fulfillment, and meaning in life against seemingly overwhelmingly odds. I also love mind-stretching concepts concerning the universe and human potential, ideas that make folks say “Wow!”

I hope I succeed at both goals in “More Stately Mansions,” due out in March 2011. (cover by Delilah K. Stephans.) Captain Temple, a 59-year-old failed artist, leads an expedition to an alien planet for possible commercial exploitation. K22 offers shining cities and beautiful scenery, but where the heck are the inhabitants? Why is no one there to meet them, and what terrible secret is this planet hiding? At the same time, does Temple’s desire for a beautiful 22-year-old crew member have any chance of success?

In the end, perhaps a greater romance will prevail. A transcendent romance with the universe. I can’t tell you more, but look closely at Delilah’s masterful cover and watch again the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In my paranormal romance novel, Dark Wizard, scheduled for May 2011, Kan awakes in California with complete amnesia and superhuman strength and the ability to bring back the dead. Who is he, why can’t he remember, how can he do such things, and why does he have to fall completely in love with Ariel Carter when his deepest instincts tell him he is dangerous to her? I like to write romantic adventures where the couple faces apparently insuperable obstacles. In this case, Ariel has a dark secret, too, one that may pose an even greater risk to him.

As if that isn’t enough, soon the aliens arrive, determined to conquer Earth. Only Kan can stop them. Can he do that and keep the girl, too? Or would that destroy them both?

My third tale, “The Blue of Her Hair, The Gold of Her Eyes,” is dark science fiction, slated for July 2011. As with “More Stately Mansions,” I try to play with a really BIG idea here: What if a woman contracted a mysterious and terrible disease that made everyone fear and reject her, including her own husband? What is Rachel Ross’s disease, a horrible disfiguration or something more? What about her strange perceptions and passions? What is she turning into, and can she find a new sense of identity and purpose amid the terror of her transformation?

My last story is a Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure novel coming September 2011, and I try to put

everything in it. Dax Rigby, War Correspondent offers a hot, forbidden romance, a distant, alien

planet, two completely realized alien species, and a hero who is far more than what he knows

and appears. Like Captain Temple, Kan, and Rachel Ross, Dax Rigby experiences strange passions and perceptions, but unlike them, he finds himself on an alien planet 90,000 light-years from Earth where someone constantly tries to kill him. Like Kan, he has the opportunity to save billions of lives, but only if he can solve a unique mystery and conquer the demons within himself.

Here’s hoping visitors to Roseanne’s site visit MuseItUp’s website and acquaint themselves with all our authors. Together, the creative Muser family has much to offer.


Arlene said...

wow, John, you have an impressive amount of stories behind you. The releases with Muse sound fantastic. I'm looking forward to adding to my reading list.

Heather Haven said...

What a prolific writer you are, John. Congratulations!

Karen McGrath said...

Good interview! I love to learn more about Muse authors. :) Best wishes with your writing, John.

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm impressed, and I agree with Heather. Prolific is a great description. Keep it up. Here's hoping we all soar together through Muse.

MuseItUp Publishing said...

Oh John's other works are awesome, too. Can't wait for those to come up so he can brag about them too. :)

S.Durham said...

John, I'm also impressed! I wish to be like you when I grow up... I like romance adventures, and Dark Wizard sounds especially intriguing. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself.


John B. Rosenman said...

Thanks for all your comments and for reading my interview. Yes, I try to be prolific -- and good, too. ;