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SINBAD’S PRIDE: You can’t keep a Good Smuggler Down
I never really intended to write a series when I started Sinbad’s Last Voyage. It just happened. I was just going to tell a love story set in the future, a single-shot, stand-alone novel—of a half-breed smuggler who hated Terrans and the Earthwoman who made him forget that. There would be strife, of course, because she was married and he was trying his best to keep from falling in love with her. There would be adventure as they tracked her fugitive husband across the galaxy, but it would be definitely end Happily Ever After. As usual with things having to do with Sinbad sh’en Singh, it didn’t turn out that way. The story of Sinbad and Andi is a lesson in the course of True Love running any way but smooth. At the end of Book One, Sinbad and Andi have a child but he learns he’s dying of a disease contracted while he was a prisoner in the Toxic Zone, the Federation’s deadliest prison.

Well, I couldn’t just leave it there. No sir! I had to get Sin and Andi married, and save my hero to fight another day. So, along came Sinbad 2: Sinbad’s Wife, in which, among other things, Sin struggles to convince Andi to make an honest man of him by marrying him, he discovers he has a 15-year-old son, and he collapses into a coma brought on by his terminal disease. Piling it on even thicker (after all this is a space opera), there is only one doctor who can save Sin and he blackmails Andi into becoming his mistress before he’ll perform the surgery. While Sin is recovering but still in a coma, Andi is subsequently kidnapped by her former husband, a power-mad Serapian general named Tran, who makes her into a sex slave. She’s rescued by Sinbad who kills Tran in a duel-to-the-death, but not before Andi has given birth to Tran’s second son. Sin, a sucker for infants and his wife’s tears, accepts the baby, they go into a clinch…roll credits…

Whew! Could I stop after that? Nosiree…now, Sin’s been pardoned by the Federation, he’s a law-abiding citizen (much to his dismay) and he’s back on his home planet, being re-instated as his grandfather’s heir and about to inherit one-third of the planet Felida. Having now reached the age of thirty-one and considered a mature adult (though Andi sometimes denies that), Sin is bored and looking for some trouble to get into. He finds it in the Peace Treaty Felida signed after being defeated by the Federation. In it there’s a loophole which no one, not even the Felida Pride Chiefs realize is there, a clause preventing prosecution of any Pride member for any crime against the Federation.
Well! When someone who hates the Fed as much as Sin does finds a document like that—even though they’ve given him amnesty for killing Tran (who was a threat to everyone and not just Andi) and posthumously pardoned his father--you know something big is going down. And it does. With the aid of the other Pride Chiefs, Sin decides to turn Felida into the biggest smuggling planet in the galaxy…and thumb his nose at the Fed at the same time. Of course, there are immediate complications, such as the fact that the Pride Chiefs want an affiliation with the operation through marriage, and send their nubile daughters to Sin as concubines. Sin tries to explain to Andi they mean nothing. It’s all politics. Andi doesn’t see it that way. There’s trouble brewing in the bedroom tonight. And for many nights to come. If Sin doesn’t watch it, he’s going to be sleeping on the sofa until he’s an octogenerian!

In the meantime, Sin’s son Adam and Andi’s son Cash are leaving adolescence and becoming men in every sense of the word. Joining Sinbad in his smuggling operation, they begin cutting a wide swath through the females of Felida, and then—as Fate will have it, they meet the two women neither can have and both want…their father’s concubines…

Sinbad’s Pride is a play on words. A Pride on Felida is made up of various clans loyal to one Chief. Sinbad is the heir to the largest Pride. He also has plenty of pride in the usual sense of the word, and whether he’s confronting the lawyers of the Federation, an incensed wife, or an adulterous child, he has to decide when to let that pride go and when to balance revenge with mercy. No matter what happens, however, one thing is certain: Sinbad loves Andi and he’ll do anything to keep that love. It’s also a story about family, and how a man who has lost everything must now try to keep together the one he’s blessed with in the face of crises which would usually blast that family apart. How Sin works it out makes up the majority of the story. It’s an erotic, sometimes funny, sometimes tragic adventure, and one I think readers will enjoy it.
Sinbad’s Pride is available through Double Dragon Publishing at http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-748-X. . Also just released is Toni’s fantasy romance A Singing in the Blood, also available from Double Dragon Publishing at http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/single.php?ISBN=1-55404-754-4.

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