Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome Chastity Bush

Welcome to Chastity Bush, author of four published romance novels.

Chastity Bush is the author of three published romance novels, a paranormal romance entitled, Guarding Temptation, a historical romance entitled, Savage Rescue and a contemporary romance entitled, The Guarding of Eden. You can read some wonderful reviews for all three stories at

Chastity is currently working on another historical and three paranormal romances and hopes to have them on the shelf for your enjoyment within the next six months. You can contact Chastity anytime from the contacts page of her website.

First I would like to thank Roseanne for having me as a guest today!
Some of you may know me as the author of The Guarding of Eden and Savage Rescue, both of which are currently available from Solstice Publishing. The Guarding of Eden is a contemporary romance and like all of my stories, it is laced with mystery, suspense and humor. In my opinion a good romance has more to it that just boy meets girl, boy saves girl, boy and girl live happily ever after.

Savage Rescue is a short historical romance that I am sure you will enjoy.

My latest novel is a paranormal romance entitled, A Taste of Terror and is set to be released December 1st, 2010 by the all new Muse It Up Publishing. A Taste of Terror is the first in the Guard My Heart series. Three more books in this series are planned..

A Taste of Terror has become my favorite book that I’ve written. There is just something about a werewolf, a Guardian (a new species of immortal that I have created) and the battle between good and evil that I love!

I have to admit, I absolutely love being a Muse It Up author. Everyone is so very friendly and helpful. We are like a family, helping each other and giving advice. Never are any of the Muse authors or employees judgmental. The cover artist’s are great and the editors are wonderful. I would highly recommend Muse It Up to any aspiring writer.

I am currently working on several manuscripts, all of different genres and hope to have them finished before the end of the year. One of which is a follow up to A Taste of Terror.

I love to hear from readers and have created many ways to find me! I hope to hear from you all soon!

Chastity Bush


MuseItUp Publishing said...

People say that I am a busy lady but they've never met Chastity. Whenever I'm on Facebook, which isn't often lately, I am facing a long list of promotional posts by Chastity. She's right out there, doing what she's supposed to be doing as an author, which takes a lot of time and energy, but her relentless determination will get her noticed.

All I have to say is kudos, Chastity, and I'm extremely happy to say you are one of our authors.

chastitybush said...

Thank you, Lea. I do hope that you are right! And Thank you Roseanne for the opportunity to on your blog!