Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring is in the air and so is romance

We have a slight warming trend promised for the weekend and I can't wait.  We just got a new puppy, a snorkie (yorkie/schitzu). He's adorable, but what a handful. He's so active. He absolutely exhausts me. I'd forgotten how it was to train a puppy.  Worse part is, my bichon isn't overly excited to have this newcomer. That surprised me becaue he's always been very social with other dogs and loves to play. Not so with this one. Whenever Oliver (that's what we finally named him  and that's another story in itself) is in the room, Toby (the bichon) goes in the bedroom or basement. I've never seen him react like that before.

As Spring approaches, I've invited my fellow authors to do a blog interview. It'll be fun to see what authors write, what they like and how they come up with thier ideas. I'm looking forward to it.

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Word Actress said...

Roseanne - this is Mary Kennedy Eastham, your Guest Blogger for late April. Hey, I have a new puppy, too, my fourth dog, all Goldens, which I raise, so I should be SOOOO up on all of this, right???? Wrong! He is so spirited, I barely have a moment to myself. And he is already 3 months old, and STILL peeing in the house. Ugh! And I work at home and can let him out a lot. So I feel ur pain, but they are so darn cute. He comes running in from outside and just leaps into my lap. Won't be so cute when he's 85 pounds!!! Good luck with your cutie...