Thursday, February 23, 2012

I.B. Nosey’s Invite for Participants

I.B. Nosey, that “official unofficial” cyber reporter is one busy fella! If you haven’t visited his blog, (and why haven’t you?), at you’ll find that he’s pursued by one crazed attorney by the name of O.G. Whattapayne, plus a host of other similarly wild and crazed characters!

But…if you’re blurry-eyed glued to your computer screen every Wednesday morning to be the first to click on that blog link and discover the latest “whazzup” with our ever fleeing hero…well, now…do I have some exciting news for you!
Want to become a star? A guest star that is, appearing in a future Nosey segment?
That’s right. Now is your chance to jump/hop/leap/dive into the zany and hilarious melee of the whole Feeling Nosey gang!

How does it work?

Simple. Follow the rules! (Don’t groan, yes, there must be rules! Why, I don’t know, but M.M. of the ‘she who must REALLY be obeyed’ fame ordered me to list them.)

So, Rule 1:
You gotta be crazy too! Gotta love fun, gotta love hilarity, gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Sourpusses need not apply.

Rule 2:
The FeelingNosey blog is a G-rated blog and M.M. is a G-rated author. Nosey can only link back to either G-rated, or PG-rated blogs. If you’re an erotic/horror/paranormal, etc. writer who might also have a zany alter ego with a less mature blog/site, then you’re in!

Rule 3:
Join Nosey’s blog as his follower, which makes you a…*drum roll, please*…member of his Fan Club! BE SURE to snatch Fan Button and display on your site/blog. (link back to FeelingNosey, please)

Rule 4:
You DO NOT HAVE to be an author. Readers, editors, cover artists, publishers, reviewers, couch potatoes, bad-mannered-belchers -- you’re welcome IF you feel you can hold your own against the brilliant (?) Nosey.

Rule 5:
Tell your friends! Hey, tell your enemies too! Once they learn you’re starring with the famous, the magnificent, the original, the one-and-only ‘official unofficial’ I.B. Nosey, they’ll become your biggest fans! (Nosey respectfully states a disclaimer if you’re mobbed while standing in front of the pickle shelf at your local supermarket)

By now you’re wondering why should you offer to take part in a scheme that might portray you as a wacky, offbeat idiot?

To which I answer, if it made sense, then it wouldn’t be fun!!!!

Your name will be added on a blogroll at FeelingNosey, and that link will be viewed and readily clickable by innumerable worldwide visitors. You will be connected to I.B. Nosey for infinity!!! And whatever could be better than that, people?

If interested, send your name and the URL of your blog to: ib_nosey AT rocketmail DOT com (of course you know how to read this addy, M.M. said I had to type it this way to deflect spam. ‘she who must REALLY be obeyed’!!!!)

And now, over to you Gander in the control booth.


Karen Cote said...

You all are just too much! Love it I.B. Nosey

J Q Rose said...

Yes, I was one of Nosey's victims, er, guest interviews. It's a hoot!

Roseanne Dowell said...

Karen and Janet, join Nosey and become a star. I'd love to see you as part of the story. Psst. don't tell anyone, I'm Persimmy.