Monday, February 6, 2012

Did you ever have a feeling something bad was about to happen?

 You know kind of a premonition, intuition, omen or whatever you want to call it? When it happens, goose bumps run up your arms and the hair on the back of your neck stands on end. You try to pass it off as a coincidence, but deep down you know it’s not.

We’ve all experienced ESP, haven’t we? You know, you even finish each other’s sentences. Nothing unusual in that, is there? Not at all. At least I never thought so. My friend, Allison, and I do it all the time. We just laugh about it. When we were growing up we used to do the jinx thing.

But this is different. I’m experiencing something with a stranger. Oh, by the way, I’m Rebecca Brennan, can’t expect you to know that, can I? I have this rare connection to someone’s mind. Seriously, I hear what he hears, feel what he feels, and sometimes I even know what he’s thinking. It’s pretty scary. Sometimes I feel his contentment or pride in an accomplishment. Those things aren’t too bad, but when I woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain and even felt like I was bleeding, well let’s say I wasn’t too thrilled.

So, Allison talked me into seeing a parapsychologist. I was pretty leery. I just didn’t believe in these things. But something was happening to me, and I wanted to know what. Actually, what I wanted to know was who shared my mind.

Under hypnosis I kept saying the name Morris and came up with the name of a boot factory. I thought that was odd, but it gave me a place to start. My search led me to a small Victorian town.

All of this happened to me in Connection of the Minds. I have these strange visions about someone else’s life. Some might think it’s a unique gift. Believe me, it’s not.

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Here’s an excerpt from the book.

“No!” Rebecca sprang up in bed. Hot searing pain bore into her shoulder. What was happening to her? A warm sticky substance flowed from her shoulder. Oh God, there was going to be blood. From the feel of it, lots of blood. Half afraid to look, her hand trembled as she slowly brought it in front of her face and looked at it. Dry, no blood. What was going on? These kinds of things happened way too often lately. Okay, they were dreams but still. They were so damn real.

Rebecca eased off the bed. Her feet felt like lead weights as she walked to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. After a big gulp, she hurried back to bed. Shivers racked her body even with the blanket pulled up to her chin. A minute ago sweat soaked her skin. Now she couldn’t get warm. Someone’s life had invaded her mind. She didn’t know who or where they lived. And she sure as heck didn’t like it. These were more than dreams. Most of her visions happened while she slept, but they were real. Besides, too many occurred during the day.

The pain eased, but fear and danger lingered. Curling up, she pulled the blanket tighter, closed her eyes, and willed herself to sleep. Strange visions played in her mind. Red, white, and blue flashing lights, fire engines, and ambulances, and police rushed around calling instructions, trying to control panic and hysteria at the scene.

Rebecca rubbed her eyes, trying to erase the visions.

“If only I knew how to find this person. Maybe then I’d find out what these dreams and visions mean.” Her voice startled her in the quiet room. Snuggling deeper in bed, pushing the thoughts away, she tried to sleep.

But sleep wouldn’t come. Her mind wouldn’t be still. The visions persisted. Was she going crazy? Maybe Allison was right to force her to see a parapsychologist.

"I think you’re experiencing a psychic phenomenon." Allison had suggested. "Like ESP or something."


Karen Cote said...

Okay...really loved the excerpt. Gave me the chills and had me intrigued. Nice Ro...this is a must read.

Jess@The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow said...

Fascinating! I enjoyed the excerpt and the setup. Nicely done! It sure would be scary to know someone else's thoughts.

Beth Trissel said...

I really like this! Sure caught my attention.

Beth Trissel said...

PS. I just bought it. :)