Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say hello to, Sue Perkins

It's very kind of you to invite me to your blog Roseanne.
Here in New Zealand we celebrate Christmas in the summer. The birds are singing in the sunshine outside making it difficult to concentrate on writing. On days like this I would prefer to sit in the garden with a good book, but writing commitments take priority. Writing this post isn't a chore though, it's a pleasure.
I had two books released over the Christmas period. One for Young Adults, and one for Middle Grade. Both are fantasy, the genre I love to read and write. Dragons also hold a place in my favorites as they are such wonderful animals, even if they are mythical.

Here is an excerpt of each book. I hope you enjoy.
On 30th December MuseItUp Publishing released "Reva's Quest" set in the magical land of Fey. Reva's garden gnome insists she go with him to Fey to save the world from an evil menace they have called Malice. The magical creatures of Fey believe Reva is to blame for the evil and believe she must be the one to destroy Malice.

“Where are we going?”

“To sort out the mess you've made.” The gnome kicked grumpily at a dandelion. “You humans never think of consequences when you meddle in things not your concern. This time it’s gone too far, and you’ve got to put it right.”

They reached the pond, and Gareth stopped, waiting expectantly. Reva, not sure what he wanted, shrugged and sat down to pull on her trainers.

“Well go on,” the gnome said as she tied the laces. “Hurry up before the portal closes.”

“What portal? I’m not sure what you want me to do.”

“Humans!” He snorted derisively. “The portal in the pond of course. Jump in and pass through to the other side. You go first, and I'll follow.”

Reva looked dubiously at the pond. The scummy mess still sat on its surface, and it smelt even worse than when she’d first found it. Some horrible disease probably lurked in the depths, waiting to infect her.

I’m going to tell him to forget it. I’m off back to bed to wake up from this bad dream.

The look on the gnome’s face changed her mind. He stood, arms crossed with one of his little feet tapping impatiently as he waited for her to move.

A slow smile crossed her lips. If this was a dream, jumping in the pond wouldn't hurt her. With a shrug she began to untie her shoes.

“No need for that.” The gnome snapped. “You'll want them on the other side.”

With a grin, Reva pinched her nose shut with two fingers, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. Feet first, she jumped into the murky depths.

Buy Link: MuseItUp Publishing

Desert Breeze Publishing released Dragon Flame a fantasy romance for Young Adults on the 1st January.

Talei's home settlement is burnt by flying dragons leaving her the eldest survivor. They join with survivors from other settlements. Talei is contacted telepathically by a dragon, and with Adri at her side she sets out for the other continent to solve the dragon problem. Failure means the end of dragons and humans on this new world.


Crawling under the wagon, Talei peered out at the devastation unfolding across the field. Moments before gaiety and bright colors pulsed in time with the music as the colonists celebrated their anniversary. Now the field resembled a battlefield. The only color in the dark clouds of smoke rolling across the ground came from bursts of flame, as the dragons scorched the earth beneath them. Here and there intermittent smaller bursts indicated a few colonists trying to return fire with laser guns.

Darth stirred beside her, and thinking he moved to comfort her, she turned toward him. To her horror she saw him crawl from beneath the wagon and move toward a laser gun which had fallen from the hand of a dead defender.

"Darth, no," she hissed. "Don't be stupid."

He picked up the laser, and still lying on the ground he looked toward her, pride glowing in his eyes.

"I'm not stupid, Talei. I'm going to protect my home and people in the only way I know."

Without another word he wriggled forward until he reached the dance floor. Talei watched helplessly as he stood. Alone in the center of the dance floor, he fired at a dragon strafing the tents along the eastern side of the open space.

The beast turned. Without appearing to aim, it launched a stream of fire at Darth. He didn't even have time to cry out as his body burst into flames. When the blaze subsided only a blackened husk remained. Talei watched in horror as the residue of her childhood friend fell lifeless to the ground.

Buy Link: Desert Breeze Publishing



Laurie said...

Thanks so much for this post. I'm a "mature" reader and Dragon's Flame sounds like a book I'd really enjoy!! :) Thanks so much Sue and Roseanne for bringing this book to my attention.
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Jolie said...

I enjoyed both excerpts. Thank you for sharing them. Good luck with both books. They sound amazing.

gail roughton branan said...

Sue, I don't know how you're keeping your calendar straight! You've done such a great job on blogging!

Sue Perkins said...

Thank you for visiting my post and thank you to Roseanne for hosting me. Gail, that's it I keep my calendar electronically and it tells me where and when I am.