Monday, January 30, 2012

Say hello to Kristin Battestella

Have you chosen yet? Fate…..or Fangs?

When we visited with Roseanne in early December, I proclaimed the whirlwind for Fate and Fangs: Tales from the Vampire Family-my ongoing series with Muse It Up Publishing- was showing no signs of slowing down. After the holiday revelry, we’re indeed back and steam rolling into the series’ conclusion! Book 6 Humanity: A Letter from Gaston came out the first week of January, and we’ve been back under the horror hypnosis since! Whew!

Professor James’ next account is a contemporary letter from Welshire son Gaston as he tries to move on with his life now that the Vampire Family is human again. Unfortunately, his sister Victoria cannot cope with the change and succumbs to drugs, depression, and sex binges with her former fledgling Caine. Their pregnant sister Samantha comes to London to help-but such a peace-keeping journey could be disastrous to her unborn children….

I’m really pleased Humanity takes the time to look at the post vampirism consequences. Neutered pale hotties has been done to death- hee, no pun intended!- and I much prefer the serious mirrors and drama the faint line between good and evil brings. Is a bad human worse than a bad vampire? Can a good vampire be more humane?

Here’s a snip from A Letter from Gaston:
The surgeons wrapped Samantha in a canopy of blue sheets and hooked her up to machines.

“Scalpel,” The masked doctor ordered.

The shiny silver glinted in his hand, then it dove in. Blood soaked the sheets and dyed them purple. Through some of our lost magic still remaining, I spaced out of the operating room. Memories not my own, thoughts and recollections of my Father I still held. From his dying breath to his most treasured moment, I saw my Mother. I saw my mother giving birth to me.

Antonio had been there, and there I was small and bloody and screaming. The vision was black and white, but red blood was everywhere. My mother’s eyes were fading, yet she was lovely, angry, happy, and sad all at the same time. She gasped her last breath, and I heard my own baby cry.

But of course, the blood really stains the lips for our big Book 7 finale this February! Resurrection: Stephanie After the Lilithanfocuses on the state of the Welshire enemy and that unobtainable vampire allure. What wouldn’t you do to be a vampire if Mestiphles came courting you?

Former Lilithan vampire and newly divorced scientist Stephanie can’t get over how much she misses being a vampire in this final tale from Professor James. After a harrowing car accident, Stephanie meets Mestiphles, the giver and taker of vampire power on both sides of the coven wars. His charm and seductive powers sweeten the demonic offer he extends, but will Stephanie accept his dark opportunities?

Here’s an early treat from our finale Resurrection!

I don’t know what made me think of her…No, that’s not true. You can admit it to yourself, Stephanie. I’ve been thinking about Lilith a lot lately; ever since we left her company, in fact. As to why I’m thinking of her now as I drive home, who knows? Its dark; the rhythmic drizzle is rapping on the car windows in time with the steady wipers. Up, down, left, right again and again- day in, day out the same dreary monotony. Only Lilith’s deceptive white light could cease such conundrum I suppose. Sometimes, in the banal ho-hum of the day, I even think I see her. Is it really Lilith stalking the streets, taking the face of the store clerk for a moment, or passing me by as that one pedestrian on the crosswalk? The ceremonial policeman upon his bay horse was Lilith not two days ago. Her long white gown draped over the steed’s rump down toward the pavement-until I blinked and she was gone.

Which Fate and Fangs touches your world? Love, Punishment, Struggle, Debauchery, Lust, Humanity, Resurrection? Find us in the darkest bowels of the internet and tell us what twists your soul and sharpens your teeth!!

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