Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Muse Family Feud


Okay all you game-player lovers,  Karen Cote’& I  decided to take the Family Feud on the road and bring it home to our own family to create the very first Muse Family Feud. In light of keeping it all-in-the-family, we polled the entire Muse-Staff, i.e. editors, cover artists, and yes we pulled in the big fish, Ms. Lea, to get her answers as well.

Our design, since we are one-big-happy family here, is to create something fun and inviting. So…what do you say? Wanna play? We’re giving away some big prizes…or at least, Lea is. LOL. Three lucky winners will win a book of their choice from the MuseItUP Publishing Bookstore.

All you have to do is look at the questions below and then visit to privately leave your answers (the answer link will be provided below the questions). Each question has a corresponding score and the three people who score highest in the answers polled, wins a book of their choice in our fabulous bookstore.

Are you ready? Set… Go!

For a total of 150 points, we polled the Muse Staff for the top 5 answers on the board.

1. Name something a woman might do that drives her husband crazy. (50 points)
2. Name something women wear that men don't. (40 points)
3. Name a man's body part that is bigger now, than when he was 16. (30 points)
4. Name a reason a man might send his wife flowers. (20 points)
5. Name something women borrow from each other. (10 points)

Double the points for a total of 300 points we polled the Muse Staff for the top 5 answers on the board.

1. Name an article of clothing you can't wash in the wash machine (100 points)
2. Name a recreational activity traditionally done in hot weather (80 points)
3. If you met the real life Prince Charming, how would you know it was him? (60 points)
4. Name something that a man had better not take along on his honeymoon (40 points)
5. Name something a customer might do to annoy a waitress (20 points)

Triple the points for a total of 450 points: We polled the Muse Staff for the top 5 answers on the board

1. Name a food that has one or more holes in it. (150 points)
2. Name something you mount. (120 points)
3. Name something you lose when you get older. (90 points)
4. Name something you would play with in the bath. (60 points)
5. Name something a man reaches for after he climbs into bed. (30 points)

Bonus question worth 100 points: We polled the Muse Staff for the top answer on the board:

Name something a woman might leave her lipstick mark on. (100 points)

DO NOT PLACE ANSWERS HERE! Visit to list your answers. Good luck!  Winners will be notified and announced on Roseanne’s blog Dec. 105h.

Comments are welcome as long as they’re not answers. You don’t want to give anyone hints.


Roseanne Dowell said...

I hope everyone enjoys the game. Thank you, Karen, for doing this.

J Q Rose said...

Now this if very tricky. To answer the questions, I have to think like a Muse staffer..Oh nooooo...hmmmmmmm. Love this idea, Roseanne and Karen. What a team!

Viviane Brentanos said...

I sent Karen my answers. I will probably get excommunicated from MKuse

Jenna Storm said...

Great idea guys. I think this would be fun for everyone.