Sunday, December 11, 2011


Wow, what a great turnout we had. Sorry it took longer than we anticipated to count the points.  But without further ado: The Winners of the Muse Family Feud Game are:

First Place: Larriane
Second Place: Jenna Storm
Tied for Third: JoAnna Becker
Tied for Third: Kristin T.

The top answers were:
1. Name something a woman might do to drive her husband crazy.
 a. Tell him how to drive
2. Name something a woman wears that a man doesn't.
  a. a bra
3. Name a man's body part that is bigger now, than when he was 16.
 a. his belly
4. Name a reason a man might send his wife flowers. 
 a. guilt
5. Name something women borrow from each other. 
 a. clothes
1. Article of Clothing You Can't Wash in the Wash Machine 
 a. jacket
2. Name a Recreational Activity Traditionally Done in Hot Weather 
a. swimming
3. How would you know your real life Prince Charming?
a. his smile
4. Name something that a Man Had Better Not Take Along on His Honeymoon 
a. his mother 
5. What might a customer do to Annoy a Waitress?
 a. small tip
1. Name a food that has one or more holes in it. 
a. swiss cheese
2. Name something you mount. 
a. a horse.
3. Name something you lose when you get older. 
a. memory
4. Name something you would play with in the bath. 
a.  a rubber ducky
5. Name something a man reaches for after he climbs into bed. 
a. his wife
Name something a woman might leave her lipstick mark on.
a. a cheek

Again, Thanks to everyone who played. It was fun reading all the answers. Karen will send the gift certificates to the winners. 


Ginger Simpson said...

Congratulations to the winners. I hate you all. *lol*

Joylene said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Sounds like a fun quiz. Sorry I missed it Roseanne. Next time.

Merry Christmas.

J Q Rose said...

Congrats to the winners. I wasn't sure exactly how to get match the staff's answers or to make up very own clever, brilliant, unique answers..I lost. sigh I don't remember now what I did!! LOL..It was a lot of fun and creative idea.

lionmother said...

I'm adding my congratulations too! A lot of those answers were like mine! This must have been a close contest.

Roseanne Dowell said...

It was very close. The answers were based on the Muse Staff answers.

Jenna Storm said...

Thanks guys for hosting the contest!