Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Since my book, Double the Trouble will be released May 20th, I decided to do another six from it.

Kate Wesley left Twinsburg, Ohio five years ago after her fiancĂ© jilted her. Now she’s back, happy and content with her single life. She doesn’t need men to fulfill her dreams, she has her florist shop.

Widower, Mark Westfield wasn’t interested in women. He had twin five year olds to raise, and they took all his time and energy. But Kate sparked something in him he hadn’t expected to feel again.

Adam Shaffer left Kate two days before their wedding. Left a note and took off to Las Vegas. Biggest mistake of his life. But now they were both back, and he aimed to get Kate back.

To make matters worse, Kate finds a dead body in the cemetery (above ground) and Adam is the lead detective on the case, which throws them together, much to her chagrin. When the twin sister of the murder victim arrives in town, Kate’s life becomes more complicated.

The eerie feeling increased the closer she got to her aunt’s grave. Something felt strange. When she stepped around a bush, she froze. A hand stuck out from under the bush. Kate stifled a scream. A body lay half hidden under the broken branches.


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