Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two Paragraph Tuesday

So I thought about it and decided to post paragraphs from Stranger on the Shore again. Stranger on the Shore is due out March 1st at MuseItUp Publishing http://bit.ly/dM2bHA

Oh, Lord, please don’t let him be dead. She had planned for a quiet weekend, writing. A weekend with a corpse wasn’t on her list of quiet. But she couldn’t leave him out here either.

Jordan came closer and stooped down next to him. Lifting his head out of the water, above the crashing waves, she felt for a pulse. Thank God, he’s alive. Now how to get him out of here? She grabbed his arm, rolled him over and tried to pull him from the fury of the lake. Wave after wave pounced on him, their foamy peaks trying to reclaim him. Lord, if she ever needed help, now was the time. Struggling to roll him to higher ground, she lost her breath. His long, muscular frame outweighed her slender five foot two body and felt like dead weight.


Nan D Arnold said...

Great post. See, you just never know where love will appear. And kudos, your publisher was nominated for P&E poll.

Ginger Simpson said...

Okay, the excerpt hooked me. I'm waiting for this one's release. :)

Viviane Brentanos said...

Nice hook

Fiona McGier said...

This is a great idea! See if two paragraphs can grab the reader enough to generate interest in the book. Creative. And intriguing excerpt.