Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Holidays are Over

Christmas and New Year are now part of the past. It's time to take down the decorations. I used to leave them up until after January 6th - the feast of the Epiphany. (also my son's birthday) - but I started taking them down soon after New Years several years ago.
I always hate taking them down. To me everything looks

stark and cold. Gone the bright colored lights that lends a warm glow to the room and the greenery along with the candles and other decorations.
I know everything looks clean - at least that's what I've heard. But to me it just looks bare. Maybe it's because I love the Christmas season so much. You'd think since I put the tree up in November before Thanksgiving I'd be tired of them, but I'm not.
The thought of dragging all those boxes down doesn't appeal to me either, not to mention packing them up, trying to remember what goes in which box,  and then dragging them all back upstairs doesn't set well with me.
I asked my daughter and son in law to help bring the boxes down, although that's probably the easiest part. Taking them back upstairs, well everyone knows it's harder going up the steps than down. But we'll manage.
I should probably get rid of some of my stuff because we're probably going to have to move next year. Not looking forward to that either. Talk about packing things up.
Nothing about moving appeals to me. Well, that's not entirely true. The place we're planning on moving to - if everything goes right - has central air and I do miss that, but that's the only benefit to moving.
We'll be going to a condo where someone will live above us and next to us. Right now we live in a single home with 10 acres. Not that we use all 10, but our yard is large enough and fun for entertaining in the summer. We've enjoyed many cookouts, birthday parties, clambakes, and even a pig roast with family and friends. 
I'll also miss the deer and other wildlife. 
I will say, I won't miss the snow on the long driveway that we're blessed to have my nephew plow. Last year was so cold and snowy, that our driveway was sheer ice for many days. Another benefit to the condo is we'll have a garage. No more cleaning off the car, which was delegated to me since my husband suffers from emphysema and the cold plays hell on his breathing, as does the summer humidity - hence the blessing of central air.
Not that I mind cleaning off the car, I really don't - well I didn't except in the brutal cold we had last winter. I also have the privilege of shoveling around our car after my nephew plows. I certainly won't miss that. Although now I think about it, it was probably good for me to get a bit of exercise. I guess I'll have to get that by walking my dogs, which will be much easier at the new place. The deer have made a mess of the yards here when it rains. There's so many hoof prints, it's dangerous to walk anywhere. I always fear I'll fall or sprain my ankle. So far I haven't but I tread lightly. Not the kind of walk I like to take. Not that I walk briskly, mind you, I'm pretty much beyond that at my age, but I like to move a little quicker than a snail's pace and I'm sure my dogs would appreciate it also. Right now I have them on a long leash so they can at least run ahead. But I like to walk with them beside me like they're supposed to.
At any rate, what will be will be and I hope we don't have to move too soon. I'm not crazy about moving in the winter. I'm sure my kids would rather not move us then either. I am hoping to at least get movers for the big things - I'm sure my kids will appreciate that. The small stuff (boxes and smaller tables/furniture) can be moved in their pickup trucks and we won't have to rent a truck. At least that's my plan. We'll have to see how much it'll cost to move the larger items.
But for now, I'll enjoy living here.

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