Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Traditions with J.Q.Rose

Hi Roseanne and Readers. What a great topic for this time of year. I’m always interested in learning how folks celebrate Christmas and their Christmas traditions.

When our kids were tween-agers, we began attending the Christmas Eve church service. (Yes, they could finally stay up that late.) Our daughters are now moms with families of their own, so my husband and I continue this tradition together wherever we are on Christmas Eve.

At our home church, the service usually starts at 11 p.m. But even before we begin a special hum pervades the sanctuary at that time of night, and I don’t mean the hum of Christmas carols. The excitement and electricity in the air are contagious. The soft lights change the usual Sunday morning setting as the shadows and twinkling lights play off the poinsettia plants and golden handbells.

The organ, the choir, and the handbell choir sound rich and round with the Christmas selections. The congregation lends their voices to familiar Christmas carols singing their praise and thanksgiving to God for sending his son, Jesus Christ.

Gwen, an outstanding soprano in our choir, always sang “O Holy Night” every year. No one can ever match the sound and beauty of her voice as she sang from her heart. Whenever we sing that hymn, I always recall her lovely voice. She moved to Alabama, and I imagine she is sharing her talent with her new friends on Christmas Eve.

The last hymn on Christmas Eve is “Silent Night.” During the singing of this hymn, the minister and ushers light the small handheld candles each adult is given. The candlelight starts out with just a few candles up in front of the church. By the time the ushers pass the light to everyone sitting in the pews, the sanctuary is filled with warm glowing light just as our hearts are filled with the hope, joy, peace, and love that came to us at Christmas.

Wishing you all the hope, joy, peace, and love at Christmas this year.

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J Q Rose said...

Hi Roseanne, I am enjoying reading about your guests' Christmas traditions. Thanks for including ours. I should mention some churches, due to fire codes, have done away with allowing lighted candles during the service. I miss that. The candles symbolize carrying the light of Christ into the world.

J Q Rose said...

Readers, come on over to my blog today at where folks can read an excerpt from Coda to Murder and join in on a discussion about forgiveness. C ya' there!

Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks, Janet. I'm enjoying reading about them also. It's interesting the different traditions people follow.

Heather Haven said...

Hi Roseanne and Janet. Such a lovely sentiment. Will be over sometime today to your website for a visit. I have a Memory Tree, in that wears years of ornaments, memorabilia i.e. earrings, broaches, bows, cards, etc. They are hot glued onto a small fake tree, crammed so closely together so that just the lights shine through. It's a lovely tradition and there are ornaments on the tree going back to the 60! Every year I get one more and always seem to find a place for it on this small tree. It looks like a jewel in my hallway. Thanks for sharing.

Marian Lanouette said...

Loved reading about this, Jq. The first year we got married I shopped and picked a special ornament to adorn our tree. Now after 34 years each one represents a place we've been or a special memory. Happy Holidays to you Rosanne and Heather.

J Q Rose said...

Heather, that little tree sounds gorgeous. What a clever idea. You must take a photo and share it on FB. I had tree decorations made by my kids when they were in grade school. Of course they don't last over the years. Very precious memories now.

J Q Rose said...

Marian--what a wonderful way to preserve your memories. Thanks for sharing. said...

I can remember the first time I was allowed to attend Midnight Mass with my parents and older brothers and sisters, JQ. I felt grown up at last! You drew a lovely picture. I hope you enjoy a happy Christmas, with as many candles as you want!

J Q Rose said...

Thank you, Helena. You have a happy Christmas too!