Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Traditions by Addison James

Christmas Traditions by Addison James
I grew up the youngest of five children, so Christmas was a very exciting holiday not only because of the presents, but because it was one of the few times of the year that all of us children would be together. My two oldest brothers were in college when I was a toddler and my older sister was in high school when I was starting school, so we five really did not grow up together.
Our Christmas morning tradition involved the Christmas bell. It was a silver bell ornament that was hung on the tree (my older brothers would try to hide it, or put it up high so I could not reach it). The first person to wake on Christmas morning would ring the bell. That was it, but it was a huge competition in our household among us five kids, sixteen years from youngest to eldest, to race down the stairs in the morning and ring the bell.
Now that I’m grown up with my own kids and living thousands of miles away, the tradition is to take the kids and fly back east every other year to reconnect with east coast family. And it’s a time for the kids to experience snow, which is wonderful not only watching kids enjoying and playing in the snow, but also because snow is such a novel concept for them, they enjoy everything about it from making snowmen to scraping the ice off the car and shoveling snow!

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J Q Rose said...

What a fun and cute tradition. I've never heard of doing that, but I can only imagine the kids racing to grab the bell. I wonder how many times the Christmas tree was turned over! My daughter's in-laws' tradition is to hide a pickle in the Christmas tree.