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Welcome, Chris Weigand

1: Thank you so much for being here, insert your name here, Chris
First up is the obligatory question. When did you first begin writing?
I’ve been writing since I was a child. But I guess things really started for me when I took a Creative Writing class in middle school.
2: What inspired you to write?
 I can’t really remember a specific moment that I said wow I want to write. I have always loved putting pen to paper and getting things that are bouncing around in my head out of there.
3: What do you like the most and least about writing?
Like most: That moment when the story takes over and just seems to flow through me.
Like least: The moments when the characters go on strike and I feel as if I will never write another word.
4: What do you for fun and relaxation when not writing?
 Spend time with my family and friends. I like to read and I volunteer at the school library as well as in some classrooms teaching kids how to write. Recently I got to do a writing workshop with my daughter’s girl scout troop. I also love to do Bible Study and help my husband with his theater pursuits.
5: Which authors do you like to read?
 Thanks for not making me pick just one. There are so many and I am constantly finding new ones. But to narrow it down a little: Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Baston, Donita K. Paul, Darlene Reilley,  Sarah Carr. That’s only the tip of the iceberg to use a cliché.
6: What’s the one thing you’d most like people to know about you?
That first and foremost, before a writer, wife, mother and grandmother, I am a Daughter of God. All that I am, all that I do, all that I accomplish I owe to Him.
Secondly I am passionate about dragons and all things tea.
7: Tell me about your current novel, where I can find it and your website/blog.
 The first novel in the YA Christian Fantasy trilogy: Palace of the Twelve Pillars  will be released on April 26, 2013 through MuseItUp Publishing. The buy link is MuseItUp Publishing
When Prince Joachim is kidnapped and twin Brandan attempts a rescue, both will search their faith and familial loyalty.
My blog Palace of Twelve Pillars can be found at

The second book: Palace of Three Crosses will be released in September of 2013.
The third book: Sanctuary of Nine Dragons is being revised and edited with a release date tbd.
8: Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?
Write, Read, and Write some more.
9: Do you base your characters on real-life people?
 Not intentionally. One book I wrote that is yet to be published was a middle grade story and I loosely based the main character on my twelve-year old daughter. The main characters best friend was based on my daughter’s best friend. The trouble I encountered was that my daughter had more than one best friend at the time and I got in trouble for not including her in the book. So now I steer away from intentionally using people I know. That doesn’t mean that some personalities don’t sneak in when I’m not looking.
10: Where do you get your ideas and what inspired you to write this book?
My first answer would be from God. After that I’m not sure how to define where my ideas come from. I guess since I write YA Christian fantasy, I would have to say from the young people in my life. Seeing the things that they will have to face as they mature and a desire to help them see the choices that are out there and how to make the right choice.
When I first started writing Palace of the Twelve Pillars, I don’t remember one moment that I said “Oh that’s a great idea. I want to write about it.” It was more like as I wrote Brandan and Joachim’s story the inspiration evolved and grew into the final product.
11: What are you currently working on?
Finishing up the trilogy. As I mentioned before Palace of Three Crosses is under contract for release in September, so myself and the editors and artists are busily preparing that for release.  I am finishing final revisions on Sanctuary of Nine Dragons so I can get it submitted by mid-May.
Between all those edits I am trying my hand at Urban Fantasy that is yet untitled.
12. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
The High Wisdom raised the crown from its golden case. A loud scream tore the silence in the tent. Joachim
turned to look at the entrance. A soldier fell through the opening, blood spurting from a slit stretched across his throat.
As he bounded off the dais, Waldrom screamed, “What’s going on here?”
A wild rush of wind ripped the tent flaps open, and a horse and rider burst through. Joachim gaped at the body of the dead soldier. His heart raced and leapt to his throat. His gaze traveled up the horse’s legs. A man’s black boots. A scream caught in his throat, and tears filled his eyes. He stared into blue eyes.
The horse pawed the ground and snorted. The rider dismounted and stood next to the dead guard.
Wriggling free of Waldrom, Lilia ran to the rider. She threw her arms around him. “Brandan, you’re here. You've come to free us.”
The prince pushed her aside. “Brother, I see you are trying to usurp me again. It appears I got here just in time.”
“No, you’re wrong. I have no desire to take anything rightfully belonging to you.” Joachim stepped toward his brother and reached out a hand to him. “I want to help you and see what we can accomplish together.”
Swatting his hand away, Brandan laughed. “Help me? You’re the one who needs help. Anything you have to offer is worthless to me. Now out of my way. The king and I have business.”
“No, listen to me. You can’t do this.” Joachim spun him around.
 He clouted Joachim, knocking him down. “King Waldrom, we need to talk. He’s deceiving you.” He spat at Joachim then turned and bowed to Waldrom. “I’m at your service, My King.”
Regaining his feet, Joachim pushed Brandan into the guard standing behind him. The guard wrapped his muscular arms around Brandan. “What should I do with him, Sire?”
Brandan flipped the soldier to the ground and put his black booted foot on the man’s chest. “The one you should be detaining is standing there, you fool.” He pointed at Joachim.
“What are you doing?” Lilia grabbed Brandan by the arm. “Stop this, or Waldrom will imprison us all. Why are you jeopardizing our lives?”
He looked at his mother. “Don’t worry, Mother. The only one in any danger here is the traitor you see standing before of you. First, he betrays me, next he kills Father, and now he would betray you and Waldrom. Guards, seize him!”
The king stepped forward and raised his hands to stop the guards. “What do you mean a traitor, and how do you know this?”
“Because I know my brother, and that’s the way he thinks. He’ll lie, cheat, and kill to achieve his own ends, and his goal is to have both countries under his to rule at any cost.”
“Why should I trust you over him?”
“Because I’m just like you,” Brandan responded.
Walking around the twins, Waldrom rubbed his goatee thoughtfully. “My boy, you present an interesting dilemma. How do I choose one over the other? How do I know which one to believe? Guards seize both of them.” Two guards stepped forward, and each grabbed a twin.
 “You’re wrong.” Joachim struggled to break free. “This is wrong. I’m not a liar. I only want what’s best, and that’s for us to be together.”
 “You’re the one who’s wrong.” Brandan pulled his arm free. “I’ve no use for you.” He turned to Waldrom. “Get him out of here, so we can finish.”
Joachim broke loose, stepped across the gap and grasped his brother by the tunic. Brandan jerked around and punched him. He rubbed his jaw and shoved Brandan, who fell to the ground “What happened to you? You’re not the brother I know.”
Standing up, the black prince pulled his sword. “Nothing is wrong with me. I just realized who I am and who truly cares about me...and it’s not you.” He rested the point of the sword on the cut Waldrom had given Joachim. As Brandan pushed the tip in the scratch, he re-opened the partially scabbed wound. Joa laid his hand on the side of the sword and pushed it away. Guards grabbed Joachim’s arms.
“Enough! I can see you two will not make this easy. I put before you a challenge, which will determine my choice. You will travel to the Cave of Njori and extinguish the flame of Asha. Melvane will accompany you and testify to its completion.”
Brandan replaced his sword and walked over to his horse. “I don’t see the need for this. It’s obvious I am the one, but I’ll go along if that is what you want.” He remounted his horse and reined it around to exit.
Still in the grasp of the soldier, Joachim yelled, “No, Brandan, stop! You can’t do this. We can’t. It’s the light of Asha, never to be extinguished. If you do this, you’ll destroy all hope and any chance we have of defeating this evil.”
Brandan laughed and kicked his horse. “All the more reason to get this done quickly. Guards, find a mount for my brother.”
“No, I won’t go. I can’t do it.”
The king raised his hand. “The choice is made. Guards, take Joachim to the prison tent. Brandan, we will deal with this inconsequential flame later. Right now, we have more important business to attend to.”
He signaled two of the guards to remove Joachim and then, as if it were his own idea, said, “I knew all along he was a traitor. I was only crowning him to draw out the true Prince of Sidramah. Brandan, thank you for arriving so soon and before these Wisdoms regretted what they did here today.”
As the guards dragged him from the tent, Joachim struggled and screamed, “No, he’s lying! Brandan, why are you doing this?” His cries echoed through the camp as Waldrom returned his attentions to those remaining in the tent.
Christina Weigand’s a writer, wife, and mother of three grown children and a middle school daughter. She is also Nana to three granddaughters. Chris lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Washington State after a lifetime in Pennsylvania. Currently, she’s working on fantasy novels and inspirational writing. Through her writing, she strives to share the Word of God and help people young and old to realize the love and mercy He has for everyone.
When she’s not writing, Chris is active in her local Church as a lector, Bible Study, or with the church theater group, volunteering at her daughter and granddaughter’s school in the library as well as helping the children develop a love for reading and writing. Jesus fills her home with love as she shares Him through her writing.  


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