Sunday, April 28, 2013

Echoes from the Past

Wow! You’re Ms. Dowell?!!!! Lin Holmes told me you’d be nice, but she didn’t tell me you’d be cute as a button too, and that you’d blush brighter than a Sweetheart Rose!

I want to thank you for your generosity in opening your home and allowing me to visit a
nd tell you a bit about me and my part in LJ. Holmes (Lin’s…she writes using her initials…isn’t that adorable?) story ECHOES FROM THE PAST releasing from Muse It Up Publishing early in May 2013.

I’m sorta new at this. I suppose that sounds strange coming from a man as old as I am. Now I can see a huge question forming in those gorgeous eyes of yours. You wanna know just how old I am? You know I really don’t know! Kira, Dr. Kira Firebird, my cohort in the many misadventures throughout this book, once asked me the same question. Time is a weird concept when you’re dead. Have you noticed that? But then you wouldn’t have, since you’re not dead, would ya?

I did see your jaw drop dear Lady, which I can understand. It’s got to be difficult for you to sit there looking at me, seeing me as I appear to you, seeming quite…uhm…fleshy…but knowing I’m really…technically…dead...and that really IS…technically what I am, and have been for a very long time. I’m trying to think back to the last time death claimed me.

Do you happen to know when the people your Hopi Indians called the Anasazi Indians lived in the four corner sections of the American States? Course they weren’t really the American States yet, but that will give us a time frame to pinpoint my last death with.

Ooops..I see I’ve confused you, Dear Lady. I do that a lot. It drives poor Kira quite up the wall. Do forgive me. Let me think for a second here. Kira did tell me when we were in Lemuria about when that was. We were about to about to climb into the bubble. I
sorta had other things on my mind when we climbed into the bubble, I’m not sure I’ll remember…What can I say, I wasn’t dead then and thinking very much like a man, if you know what I mean? Oh yeah! Now I remember. I died somewhere around 1250 C.E. your time, and according to Kira, your guy Columbus? Right? Yeah, didn’t show up for another two almost two and a half more centuries later?

Anyway, I died before my people disappeared and long before your people appeared, which means I guess, I’ve been flesh and blood challenged for a really long time.

I can still see a ton of doubt in your gorgeous but skeptical eyes Ms. Dowell. Guess
you don’t meet too many ghosts in your day-to-day life do you, Hon? But Darling girl, compared to me, you’re a babe in arms. I mean Sweetie, my time with the Anasazi was just my latest incarnation. I really DID live back in Lemurai, and that’s actually the lifetime that’s the most important for this story. See Kira and her spirit guardian, a rather inept, but comical wolf Boomerang, must come to Lemuria and spend time there with me.

They must travel back through the warping mists of time to learn the secrets of a powerful device known only as THE SACRED COVENANT before Lemuria is violently cast into the crushing destruction of the ocean waves. If she doesn’t learn from the wise ones in my time how to locate and unleash the Covenant your future is doomed.

Unfortunately, someone else in your time is looking for it too…someone with less than honorable reasons for wanting it, who has no idea what it’s capable of and time is running out.

Ahhh you’re wondering if I’ll die in the past and will I come forward and have a future with Kira?

I died in Lemuria, but I also died in the Four Corners. Look at me. I’m dead, so I do not live a flash and blood life in your era. I can only appear here in spirit. I can only touch Kira, and yes you as a spirit, that carries no weight. To have a flesh life I would
have to be born again into the body of an infant—go through all the stages of maturing.

By the time I would reach an age appropriate for adult love and passion, Kira would be too old for me to mate with. So Kira and I both know we were not brought together this time around despite being soul split-aparts to share the passion that is ours throughout eternity. Our mission is higher.

Do we wish it were different? My soul lives inside hers and hers’ lives inside me. I ache for her every moment we’re apart, but we cannot change the realities of time and distance. Still—miracles sometimes happen—who knows what miracles the Great Universe has in store for us and can put into final motion? Pray for us. Nothing is done until it’s done.

Ms. Ro, Lin Holmes told me you’d be a gracious and beautiful hostess and she was so right. I want to thank you for sharing this time with me and allowing me to tell you about my world and my story. ECHOES FROM THE PAST, was written by L.J. Holmes with its phenomenal cover by Ms. Suzannah Safi releasing early in May from Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. and both women captured our story well.

Ms Holmes has asked me to offer to one of you readers who leaves a comment a free PDF copy of our book just as soon as it becomes available, chosen by you Ms. Dowell, and she also wants me to assure you a copy will also be made available for you as well for your generosity in hosting me, her very long in the tooth hero, It’s truly been an honor spending time with you.

From the bottom of my soul, thank you.

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