Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello, Lea Schizas

Holy Toledo, I've had my head buried in files and emails I completely forgot. But the HELLO LEA is about as true to my days lately as it gets. I get the...

Hello, Lea...are you here?

Hello, Lea...are you listening?

Hello, Lea...when is this or that going to be answered, fixed, formatted, uploaded, etc.

At times I feel I should re-baptize myself as Hello Lea...LOL

I want to thank Roseanne for reserving a day for me to post and hopefully this will get in her good graces again.

Some family and friends have asked me if I regret starting a publishing house seeing the time put in by both, me and Litsa. My response is and will always be...NEVER.

Is there any other pleasure than to know dreams are fulfilled, that words continue to entertain readers, that fictional worlds and characters grow and further combat the potential of bookstores, libraries, but more than that, homes not having words of writers fill their imaginations?

Stories ease stress we have in our everyday lives; they alleviate for a while the bills, the chores, the other everyday MUST DO things by allowing us to escape, to perhaps step into these characters' shoes and live a totally different world.

So to the readers, all of us writers want to thank you for supporting us by your purchases and kind words about our tales.

To Muse authors, Litsa and I want to thank you for your faith in us by allowing us the opportunity to showcase your amazing tales.


Lin said...

Hello Our Leader.

I know how busy you are and even though your words are always enriching, with all you have going on, I understand why HELLO LEA SCHIZAS, is all you can spare right now.

For those that do not know our Lea, she works tirelessly to bring us, her authors, the best possible publishing experience imaginable. We are not the bottom line with either Lea or Litsa, her partner in this ever growing family that Muse Publishing is.

In this one year, Muse has swept through the awards processess claiming an unheard of 22 top ten placements less than three months after opening...and that was just the beginning.

In this first year, Muse has already brought forth print books from the masses of strong selling fact the fist set of prints became available three months after our debut, so well did Muse's debut resonate throughout the reading world.

Muse is family, and this is one family that is spreading like wildfire to encompass the world with the finest quality of authors, editors, cover talent (We have nothing but the TOP tier of cover art talent), all the way up to Lea and Litsa.

Slow is the inchworm, until it becomes the Muse Butterfly, then as the chrysalis openes, beauty spreads, and a force of Muse magic multiples through village, town, city and...for all we know ET may very well be listening to.

Congratulations Dearest Lea and Litsa. You dream big, make it happen and then let us help Build The Team To Acheieve the (EVEN BIGGER) Dream.

MuseItUp Publishing said...
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S.Durham said...

I was wondering where the actual post was:) Well we're glad you don't ever want to throw in the towel, even with authors who whine and nag and wonder if you heard us:) Thank you for all you do, and may the force of positive and forward momentum, be with you today and always!

Cheers, Sara

Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks for showing up, Lea. I forgot to remind you again.Sorry about that. I hope Bonella shows up later with her interview. I've got her scheduled for later today.

BarbaraB said...

Hello Lea,
Thanks for taking time to (as always) root for your writers and give us encouragement. I hope you have a great time at the Retreat; wish I could be there.
Hello, Roseanne,
Thanks for having Lea here; it's always a treat to hear from her.

Ginger Simpson said...

My regret is that things have gotten so busy for all of us, we've sort of lost touch. I miss you and I hope to get back in the swing of things soon. BTW..interested in another manuscript? *lol*

Rosalie Skinner said...

Hello Lea! Hello Roseanne!
Don't want to take up too much time. Know you are busy, but wanted to say congratulations on a terrific first year in business and wish Museitup loads of success for the coming years.
Great to be part of the family. Thanks for making dreams into reality.
Now, I will let you get back to work.

Karen Cote said...
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Karen Cote said...

Karen Cote' Post Take II (I need glasses)

I adore this post in bringing back meaning as to why we do what we do. The message resonated so deep in my heart and sent a yearning to my Muse to get finished on that book you've been working on!

Thanks Lea and Ro. Strangely enough, this post has centered me and given strength to let go of those things that are unimportant and be the writer I've spent most of my life dreaming about.

Michelle said...

Thank you for the hard work you do and the commitment you have to both the Muse authors and readers.

Concilium, July 2012

lionmother said...

Lea, you are the most approachable person I know, and I have yet to know how you can bring off running this publishing house, placating us and being there when we really need you.I guess I'm one of the whiney authors about whom you are talking! Congratulations on a wonderful first year and I am thrilled you were there to make my dream come true. I am so happy to be part of this family and very proud to have the Muse insignia on my work. As Ginger said, there might be a second manuscript coming your way.:)

Can't wait to meet you at the Retreat!! Thank you for all that you and Litsa do and hope we celebrate many more years to come.

Roseanne, thank you for bringing Lea to us.

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats to Lea for this first year. I sing Muse praises all the time to authors who need a home.

Good luck in the years to come. I know Muse is going to be a big success.

J Q Rose said...

Thanks, Lea, for taking time to remind us of why we write. Sharing your reasons for establishing Muse, to fulfill dreams (yours as well as the authors) and allowing people to escape into a great story, brought tears to my eyes. Of course. That's it! Looking forward to year # 2 and beyond....!!!

Cheryl D. said...

Don't know how you can remember your name or anything else with all that's going on. Thank you for all your support!

Kay Dee Royal said...

Lea, I love Muse and you and Litsa are the reasons why.

I appreciate the continuous support, guidance, and opportunities that both of you ladies shower over all of your authors, editors, and artists...and me (smile).

It's a great place for an author to settle in and call family.

Kay Dee