Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's here - Autograph copies for eBooks!

There’s finally a way for authors to sign ebooks.   And it's easy. But you must have a Twitter Account. Go to the Kindle Graph website,  scroll to the bottom, and click on the Author sign-up link. Follow the directions and before you know it, your books are ready for your signature.
You'll immediately receive a request from Evan Jacobs asking for an autograph! This will allow you to do one of two things: either choose from a signature templates or use the mouse to write your own. Once you click Accept it’s yours forever so make sure you have it exactly right!

All readers have to do is follow the directions when they request an autographed copy. 
When readers request a signature, you will receive an email message. Simply go to Kindle Graph and follow the instructions to add your signature to the book cover document The reader will receive it on their kindle or through email as a PDF if they don't have a Kindle.
Hats off to Evan Jacobs!

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