Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two for Tuesday and Creative Romance Month

Since it's Creative Romance Month, I thought it appropriate to combine it with Two for Tuesday. I debated which book to take my two paragraphs from and decided I'd take them from A Second Chance, which is due to be released in June at MuseItUp Publishing.http://tinyurl.com/4bp5tsa

Christine peered through the crowd, spotted her daughter and hurried toward her family. She couldn't help but smile, her grandchildren's faces looked like a breath of fresh air among the busy travelers.

Hello, who's that tall, handsome man next to Lisa? Not another fix-up, she hoped. She let out a low groan. When was her daughter going to learn she didn't want a mate? Her life was fine just the way it was.




Cheryl said...

It's Creative Romance Month? Huh, learn something new every day. Love the two paragraphs.


J Q Rose said...

Two for Tuesday? I thought maybe it was two early bird dinner specials, then realized at an author's site it had to be writing....:-) Loved the two paragraphs. Anxious to read more. Thanks and two for Tuesday is a great idea.