Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interview with Lisa - personal assistan to Joanna Moore-Reed from the Pendulum Swings

Good Afternoon one and all, I am Paige Turner, of Turner Talks. Today we have with us the former upstairs maid at the Moore-Reed Estate, now personal assistant to Joanna Moore-Reed herself, and one of the co-stars in the upcoming sizzler, THE Pendulum Swings, by multi-talented author L.J. Holmes. The Pendulum Swings is due to be released by Muse It Hot, the erotic side of Muse Publishing, Inc.

Allow me to welcome Lisa to my show. Come in, have a seat Lisa and let’s get started. For those in my audience who do not know the back story, and if there really ARE any of you out there who have not been following this story, where HAVE you been loves, let me explain.

Joanna Moore-Reed was in a very serious car accident almost a year ago now and rumor is she came back from it a truly changed woman. Lisa, we have had ample reports on how “Nice” the new Joanna Moore-Reed is, but you’re here to tell us about her BEFORE the accident.

What kind of a woman would you say she was, and please be honest? You do know we have Ms. Moore-Reed’s assurance she is totally behind this interview.

Yes, she is. What exactly do you want to know?

The dirt of course. We’ve spoken to those who went to school with her and knew her before she married Jason Reed. They tell us, well, to be honest, they tell us she was a royal bitch…their words not mine. Was she…a bitch?

She was a driven woman, yes, and could be difficult.

Difficult? Is that another way of saying “bitch”?

Well she was not what you might call “tolerant”. She grew up in a wealthy family, but I don’t think there was an abundance of affection, or even tenderness in the Moore household. Her father was a big man, but not a nice man. I think Ms. Moore prior to finding Mr. Reed was trying to find something more than her own parents had, but didn’t know what to do with it when she DID find it.

Not long ago there was a rumor circulating that the Reeds were headed for divorce. What happened to change their minds?

I assume you are talking about early in their marriage?

Oh My! My staff MUST be slipping. I hadn’t heard about THAT time, just the time before the car accident that landed her into the hospital and her miracle transformation. Now that you let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, tell us about both.

I’m only telling you about these events because Mrs. Reed herself wants me to dispel all the rumors and let the truth speak for her.

If that were true, why did she send you instead of coming herself? What is she hiding that she’s hoping I won’t be able to pull out of you?

I may tell you that further on during this interview, but for now I’d just rather stick to the topic we all agreed on. You want to know what Mrs. Reed was like before her car accident. In a word, disagreeable. She liked being in control. It was in many respects an obsession. Her relationship with her parents, particularly her father was contentious. He’d expected a son; he got Joanna instead. He wanted the Moore name to continue on, as it had for generations; he got Joanna instead. He wanted her to reshape herself into the son he’d expected; he got the maven of the fashion page.

Jason Reed, a well respected architect in his own right, worked his way up from virtually nothing. By the time Jason and Joanna met, he wasn’t a society star, but he was not a poor man either. He was hired to design the blue prints for the Moore Memorial Woman’s Shelter in honor of her late Mother.

She’d been hurt by just about everyone in her life before, so trusting him didn’t come easy for her, but she did fall in love and marry him.

Sadly you cannot love others when you hate yourself, and she did hate herself. I don’t know if her self-loathing was because of her father’s attitudes and brain-washings…I’m not a trained therapist, but if I had to make a guess, I would say she never got past how much her father loathed her for not being the son he’d wanted.

Yes, I’m sure, but let’s get to the meat please. Tell us about the near divorce…you did say early in their marriage?

Yes. Once they were married, she started acting like she’d bought and paid for Mr. Reed so he’d better do what she wanted when she wanted and how she wanted. It was a most distressing time for the household.

You’re little more than a child. You were there when this was happening?

Oh Yes. The cook and chauffer are my aunt and uncle. When my own parents died, I went to live with them at the Moore estate. I’ve lived there since I was twelve.

Then you really DO know the inside dirt. Please…continue
Mr. Reed isn’t a man who’ll put up with being ordered around. He told Mrs. Reed that he was filing for a divorce.

But they stayed married.

Mrs. Reed was pregnant. There was no way Mr. Reed was going to divorce her with their child on the way. Mr. Reed is such a nice man. Mrs. Reed did not suffer through morning sickness, her burgeoning belly, swollen ankles, and non-stop peeing…ooops…am I allowed to say that?

Of course. Our censors are less stringent today. Think nothing of it. Continue.

Well let me just say everyone walked around on eggshells, but then Miss Mandi was born…and ohhhh what a precious beauty she was.
I cannot picture Joanna Moore-Reed as a mother. I’ve seen the photos and the footage of her doting over the baby, but was she really like that?
Please know that I would not be sharing any of this if Mrs. Reed hadn’t told me to herself. My loyalty to her and Mr. Reed is absolute.
Yes Dear, of course it is. Are you going to answer my question, or are you going to continue qualifying your reasons for being here? My audience appreciates as do I how difficult coming here and answering these questions must be for you, and trust me you are doing great.

You’re right. She wasn’t a very involved mother to Mandi. The nanny was really the person raising the child when Mr. Reed was at work. When he was home, he stepped in and did everything for the baby.
Jason Reed changed diapers?
Oh my yes! He also fed Mandi, bathed her, got up with her at rocked her back to sleep. He was a very involved father.
So tell us when divorce came up again?
The night of the accident. Mrs. Reed was in a bit of a temper. She had this party to go to and wanted to rest before it. Mandi was teething and her cries were keeping Mrs. Reed from sleeping. Mr. Reed came home and refused to go to the party. He was going to stay home and rock the little one and try to comfort her. Mrs. Reed went ballistic. Mr. Reed left, promising he’d be speaking with his attorney. Mrs. Reed tried to stop him, but he just brushed her off. She popped open a whiskey bottle and in a short time down a good three quarters of the bottle, swore she was going to bring him home, got into her car, and drove into the Pioneer Tree.
The new Joanna Moore-Reed, did she come about because of the head injury she suffered?
Who knows? Maybe coming so close to death made her realize how lucky she is and how much she has to be thankful for. All I know is she now gets down on the floor and romps with the little one, and she’s turned the estate into a place where laughter and joy ring out.
Are Mr. & Mrs. Reed happy together now?
That I cannot answer. You’ll have to wait until March 1st and buy L.J. Holmes’ book, The Pendulum Swings…and I believe our time is over.

Wait. You hinted at something. The reason you’re here answering my questions instead of Mrs. Reed.
Yes I did, but you should get the book. Then you’ll have all your answers!


Heather Haven said...

What a hoot! You two! And I think it's a fascinating interview that really ramps up the book. I want to read it! But the TV show, The View, needs to step aside. They've got some serious competition in you two.

Lin said...

Thanks Heather. This is one of my WINGING IT guest blog postings. It's easier to answer direct questions for the guest blogging, but I love seeing if I can come up with something different and humorous.

J Q Rose said...

Wow you had me at the host's name--Paige Turner. This is great..very entertaining and now I HAVE to discover the answers. Very clever.

lionmother said...

I enjoyed this very much! Very clever Lin and Roseanne.:) How will I read all these books???

lionmother said...

Roseanne, you have been given the Life is Good Award. Please come over to my blog to see all details: