Friday, November 5, 2010

Muse Authors

I had the pleasure this week of meeting a couple of Muse Authors. Saturday, my hubby and I had dinner with Rebecca Ryals Russell and her husband, Mike, Marsha Moore and her husband, Steve and Barbara and Barbara Bockman. Rebecca graciously offered us the use of her cabin home for a couple of nights. We had dinner at Carraba's in Gainesville, Florida. Barbara was an added surprise, that Rebecca sprung on us. We had no idea she was coming. What a treat. We spent the time discussing Muse Publishing. We all agreed Lea Schizas was a top notch publisher.
Tonight, I had the pleasure of meeting Ginger Simpson. Hubby and I met her at Shoney's for dinner. Unfortunately, her hubby couldn't make it. Maybe we'll get to meet him next time. We think both hubbys will have a lot in common, both being truck drivers and married to a couple of nuts.
It was such a thrill meeting these authors.  I hope someday to meet more of them.

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