Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm being interviewed

today at MuseIt Up publishing - by Bonella. This is something you really don't wan tot miss. I mean seriously. Bonella is something else. How Lea allowed this skeletol bag of bones to interview everyone is beyond me. Bonella is rude, nasty and downright mean. And darned if I'd take her crap. No way. She actually had the nerve to call me a Bad A$%.  Even said my picture looked like a Bad A$% Momma. Ha! She ain't seen nothing yet. Worse than that, she picked on Lea. Leas is the publisher of MuseIt Up publishing and was nice enough to let Bonella conduct these interviews and how does Bonella repay her? She picks on her. I mean seriously how rude can you get?She keeps it up and I'm gonna fix her bony butt but good. 
I found a picture of her, yeah a full length picture. Not too bad, if I must say so myself. But still a skinny bag of bones. Wonder what she was like in real life. Bet she wasn't so skinny then. This one shows a bit more of her hat too.And check out that dress. Wonder what trash bag she found it in. But hey, it suits her, so what the heck. Besides, I'm not a fashion plate myself, so far be it for me to pick on her choice of clothes. I guess you wear what you can find. It's not like there's a shopping mall for skeletons, is there? At least I wouldn't think there was. But never being a skeleton walking this earth, I really wouldn't know would I.  So I asked Bonella if she'd agree to an interview with me.  Here it is. I'd say I hope  you enjoy but....well I think by now you all know Bonella.

So, Bonella, It's my turn to ask you some questions. HEHEHEH
BONELLA: Give it your best shot, Toots, I'm all bones...or like you 'alive' folks would say, I'm all ears.
How come you're so rude all the time? Didn't anyone ever teach you manners?

BONELLA: You're gonna make me seem to forget I live six feet under, walk around during October as a stretching period, and no sockets with eyeballs to allow weeping. Human emotions don't exist for the living night folks like me.
You mentioned I looked like a bad A$% momma. I'm curious, just what specifically in that picture makes me look that way? And by the way, have you looked in a mirror lately? Sweetie, your looks leave a lot to be desired.
BONELLA:Those glasses. You're covering the evil squint that only folks like me can see. There's that glint of trouble emanating through those specs humans can't see, but I clearly see the red pupils, Miss Devil Horns...oops...did I let the cat outta the bag now? Geez, sorry, no really...NOT! And as a matter of fact the mirror loves me. How many have you broken?
Why are you so interested in us authors and our thought process or how we come up with ideas? Are you thinking of writing a story yourself? Are you, huh? Or are you thinking of stealing someone's story? I wouldn't put it past you, you skraggy skeleton.

BONELLA: First, thank you for the compliment. Skraggy is in as opposed to...
LEA: Bonella!
BONELLA: What the heck are you doing here? It's my interview, my time, my...
LEA: I have the eraser and delete button.

BONELLA: Well, the truth be known it's that whacky publisher of yours who resurrected me for a book she's writing. From all things, a children's book. Can you picture me in a children's book? All those snotty kids telling me the right way of doing things. I'd rather stay in the fiery pit than have those goodie goodie two shoes teaching me virtues. YUCK! YUCK! AND DOUBLE YUCK!

Don't you think you owe Lea an apology? I mean seriously, she was nice enough to allow you to conduct these interviews, and you have the nerve to pick on her. Picking on me is one thing, Heck, I'm used to it. People do it all the time. Besides I grew up with three brothers and two sisters, if you want to see picked on, Ha, you ain't seen nothing. But Lea, well, she ain't done nothing but helped people, you shouldn't be so nasty to her.

BONELLA: And this deserves an answer because? By the way, my heart bleeds for you... oh wait, I ain't got a heart. HEHEHEHE But going back to your publisher. She knew exactly what she was doing. Drumming up interest for readers and, baby, I'm DA BOMBSTERNATOR of hosting. So no apologies. I ain't putting on no facade for no one. And if you think I'm bad...oh boy oh boy oh boy...wait until later this month when my pals begin to hop on. The show's about to begin!!

Well, folks there you have it. This skinny bag of bones just doesn't quit. But  what can you do? I tried. But there' just no being nice to this creature. Devil red eyes! The very idea! My eyes happen to be brown - very pretty brown matter of fact. Those were prescription transition glasses  and it was sunny.  Geez! The mirror loves you. Yeah right. What kind of mirror is she looking into? It's probably already cracked.  All I can say, is I'm glad my interview is over. I feel for the poor victims yet to come. Bonella is getting meaner and nastier with each interview and those friensds he's planning on brnging in. Well good luck to everyone.


Arlene said...

Very funny interview, Roseanne. Thought I'd comment here instead of on Muse. You have a great repore going with the bone lady.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Thanks Arlene. I'm not sure you'd call it a friendly repore. LOL I think we antagonize each other quite well. Check out the one on the Muse blog. there's more to it than here.

Charlie said...

Great interview Roseanne. You seemed to know how to 'rub' her the wrong way to get great answers. haha. Excellent. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Roseanne, you've given Bonella a real run for her...hmmm, she probably doesn't care about money, right? Well, you've given her a real standup interview. You make me laugh, she scares me.
Kay Dee