Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wendy Seidel visits Rose Asbury

Hi Rose, I hope you don’t mind that I stopped in to visit.

Not at all. Wendy, I love visitors. So what’s on your mind?

I just thought I’d stop by and tell you a little about Designed by Destiny.

 Great, I was wondering about that book. Where can we find it?

From Red Rose Publishing, just like your story, Time to Live Again.

When is the release date?

It’s due to be released August 5th,

Wonderful, so tell me a little about your story.

Wow, where to start. Okay, first off I’m Wendy Seidel, but of course you already knew that.

True, but the readers didn’t. So go on.

Okay, well as you also know I’m an interior designer. My boss requested, uh more like ordered, me to come to Florida to meet with a client.

Wow, Florida, you’re lucky.

Well I didn’t think so. It was right before New Year’s Eve and I had plans. But, that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, my flight was cancelled, and I was stranded in a snow storm at the airport. Blizzard better describes it. I tried to get a cab but roads were closed and none were running. So there I was stuck. I don’t mind telling you I didn’t relish the idea of staying in the airport overnight, but I was lucky enough to get a room for the night.

Oh that is lucky.

That’s what I thought until I found out I had to share it. Oh, I forgot to mention this guy knocked me over while he was rushing to catch his plane. To make matters worse, I found out he was on my flight and, can you believe it, in the seat next to me.

My goodness that is a co-incidence.

That’s what I thought, but it gets worse. Somehow, the hotel booked both of us for the same room.

Oh my gosh, you’re kidding; you had to share a hotel room with him? How did you handle that?

I won’t go into that, suffice it to say, I worked it out. Anyway the next morning the flights were back on schedule and we flew to Florida, minus our luggage of course.

Oh no, this sounds horrible. No clothes, nothing. What did you do?

I had to shop for new. I wasn’t crazy about the idea. To top it all off this guy and I ended up in the same hotel. Different rooms this time, but what were the chances?

Was this guy stalking you?

Believe me that thought ran through my mind. But no, I honestly think it was a coincidence. Anyway, my boss made a pass at me at lunch and to get out of it, I told him I was engaged and my fiancé was traveling with me.

So did that stop him?

Now that, you’re going to have to read the book to find out.

Can we at least have a sneak peek?


She slid into the seat, glad now she wore the Capri pants. She didn’t care much for the way Nick looked at her like he wanted to consume her. Something didn’t feel right. This didn’t feel like a business dinner.

“Is Mrs. Gilmore going to meet us at the restaurant?”

Nick opened the car door and got into the driver’s side. “No, she isn’t.”

Wendy didn’t like this. Nope not even a little. “So what’s going on? I thought the living room was all set. I already ordered the fabric for the drapes and chairs. What kind of changes does she want now?”

Mrs. Gilmore had the reputation for changing her mind. Wendy remembered the last room she designed for her, the master bedroom. Gladys Gilmore changed her mind about the drapes and bedding three times before she made a final decision. Heck, she changed her mind four times on the living room already.

“We’ll discuss that with her tomorrow. Can’t you forget about work for one night?”

Uh-oh, Wendy didn’t like the sound of this. “I thought that’s what you wanted to discuss.”

“Tonight I just want to relax and enjoy your company.” Nick reached over and touched her arm.

Wendy stiffened under his touch. Nothing at all like Bill’s. “I’d really like to know what’s going on with Mrs. Gilmore.” Bring it back to business. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. Besides, he was her boss, and she never mixed business with pleasure.

Nick took his hand away. “Don’t you ever have fun? Can’t you forget about business for one night?” He parked the car in the lot next to Joe’s Crab Shack, turned off the ignition and looked at her.

Her cheeks burned. How was she going to handle this? “Look, Nick, just so there’s no misunderstanding, I’m involved with someone. I came here on business, not for pleasure.”

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