Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer's Almost At an End

I always feel sad this time of year. School's about to start and another summer will come to an end. I've felt this way ever since my own kids started school. Back when I was a kid, we didn't start school until after Labor Day.
Not sure why they changed it to starting in August and I swear they start earlier and earlier every year. Not that it affects me directly, I no longer have school age kids. But I still feel that sadness every year.  Darned if I know why - well maybe I do. I know what comes next.

Although I love Fall and the beautiful colors it's a sad time of year to me. A time when everything
starts dying, leaves begin to fall, flowers turn brown and wilt and before I know it the trees are bare. Not to mention all those leaves someone, namely me, has to rake. Next thing you know, we'll be shoveling snow.
I used to hate when my mom said that. There's still a lot of summer left, let me enjoy it, I used to answer. Now here I am saying the same things my mother used to say. Silly, I know. There's still a lot of summer left, especially for me since my husband and I are retired and can go anywhere any time we want.
I'm thinking maybe another camping trip is in store sometime in August. We already have one planned with the kids for September and I'm hoping to get one more in sometime in October, before we have to winterize it.
I wish we could afford to go south during the winter months and travel a bit. Social Security checks don't afford us that pleasure. So we'll enjoy the time we have here during the summer months.

We just came off our annual camping trip with the kids and grandkids. Would have been a bit more fun if I hadn't broken my ankle a month before and had to wear a boot, but I still enjoyed spending time with them.


Dineke said...

wow, happy family. I am jealous to see it. good blog I like it

sunil kumar said...

Nice to see you all ....happyy famillly

J Q Rose said...

Love your family photo. Colors are changing in West Michigan. I don't know why summer ending and fall arriving is so bittersweet this year for me. Maybe it's because this summer our two oldest grandsons, aged 15 and 16, worked a lot. We didn't get to see them much. Signs ahead of knowing the grandkids are growing up and not needing to come over to see grandma so much. No more park visits, making play-doh, and sleep overs with watching a movie in the living room eating popcorn. Seasons change and I should embrace the opportunity, but wishing I could hang on a little longer to my grandkids.