Saturday, September 5, 2015

A New Hat

I've added a new hat, so to speak, to my list of employments. I started out many years ago as a teenager - about 15 - cleaning house for an older couple. It was a pretty easy job because the wife was immaculate and cleaning was a breeze. She pretty much dusted and
vacuumed every day. So what did I do once a week on Saturdays? Washed windows, cleaned the blinds and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors as well as the landing and basement steps. Not hard to do since there wasn't much dirt.
It was a fairly large house, and it took a while to wash all those windows and clean the blinds. Probably my least favorite job. I would rather wash floors than clean blinds. Of course, I babysat in the evenings for several years.
My next job was shortly after I was married. I babysat three little kids while their mother worked. My husband dropped me off in the morning and picked me up in the evening. Another easy job as the children were very well behaved. I did that for the better part of a
year, until the husband started coming home in the mornings and going to bed. It didn't bother me that he came home and went to bed, what bothered me was the baby slept in the same room. I wasn't keen on the idea of putting her for a nap or getting her up after with him sleeping in the same room. It made me uncomfortable. Since I was pregnant with my first child and sick as the dickens, I quit. I could hardly open my eyes and my stomach erupted, mostly into dry heaves.
I didn't work again until my youngest son started school. I only worked a couple days a week, which worked out well with his schedule. I was assistant to the special ed. teachers, meaning I brought the students out to the van and copied papers for them or typed lesssons. Whatever they needed me to do.
From there I moved up to school secretary. A job I dearly loved. It was fun working with
the students and teachers. I worked in an office with the church secretary and usually a volunteer who helped us both if we needed it.
The principal and teachers were great. And the hours couldn't have been better. I worked when my kids were in school and was home when they were with the exception of a couple weeks in the summer when school ended and right before it started again. By then my oldest child was in highschool and I didn't need a babysitter. I had the best of both worlds.
I worked until my youngest child was in highschool and decided to stay home again.
At some point my second oldest daughter decided to sell Home Interiors - and I agreed to help her. She didn't like standing up and talking in front of everyone and I wasn't crazy about the idea - Heck, I never liked giving oral book reports in school - but I agreed to do it. For the most part, it really wasn't bad and we did pretty well.
Eventually she decided not to do it anymore and since I don't like to drive, I quit right along with her.
Several years later, my third daughter and I decided to sell Pamper Chef. Again, I was the spokes person. That worked out okay, but unless you have new people willing to host parties, you go nowhere and we gave it up.
Between that time, I wrote and wrote and submitted. I now have 16 books published and hoping my next will be out in November.
So, what's my new hat? I've decided to try my hand at selling Avon Products. I've
always loved their products and they're inexpensive. Living on Social Security is becoming more and more difficult, so any additional income is a help.
It's become much easier these days because you can order online from my website and have the products shipped directly to your home. They've come a long way from years ago. They don't just have beauty prodcuts. They now carry
jewelry, fashion items, and kitchen products. They also have a men's line as well as children's.
Anyone interested in ordering go to my web page and place your order. They're always running sales. Don't forget you can have it shipped directly to your home. It's easy to do.
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