Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Character Blog

Meghan Shelby is a fictional character who returns to her hometown of Littleton after she inherits the family home. Meghan's parents moved away when she was sixteen. Now ten years later she's back and ready to inhabit her grandparents' home. What a shock whens she sees its dilapated condition. A total renovation is in order. 
Meghan's only problem isn't the run down condition of the house, there's a dead body inside and the town wants to condemn it and tear it down. Determined to bring the house back to its former glory, she rolls up her sleeves, enlists the high school boys shop class, and applies to the National Register of Historic Buildings to prevent them from taking action. 
In the process of cleaning things out, Meghan finds an old diary in a trunk that reveals secrets about her family.

Secrets, Lies, & Love is availabele from Amazon for 99 cents through September.
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J Q Rose said...

Hi Roseanne, This sounds like a great read. Dead body in her house? Yikes! You have so much fun writing these books don't you?