Sunday, August 11, 2013

Love on the Rocks

 “I hate to do this, but I see no alternative.” Jordan took a deep breath and pushed him over, rolling him like a barrel while trying to avoid cutting him on the sharp rocks. It wasn't
 easy, but at least she managed to move him.
“Come on!” She tried to encourage some life from his limp body.  Far enough away from the waves, she leaned down to give him mouth to mouth, hoping to bring him around. His long straight nose, eyes set wide with bushy eyebrows, and the grin on his lips, even in his unconscious state, sent a ripple of excitement through her.
 Not a handsome man, but something about him stirred deep inside. Resisting the urge to run her fingers through his curly black hair, she leaned down to his mouth. When her lips touched his and opened them slightly, something familiar tugged on her heart. She hadn't touched a man's mouth in, what, three years. This wasn't exactly the way she imagined touching them again. Not that she ever imagined it. Never even thought about it. She’d had enough of men to last her a lifetime.
“Good grief, Jordan, you’re supposed to save him, not make out with him. What’s the matter with you?” The sound of her voice startled her. She hadn't meant to speak out loud. Fortunately, he didn’t hear her. She blew in his mouth again.
His chest heaved. He coughed, spluttered, spit water, and opened his eyes.
His gray blue eyes sparked something in her, bringing out emotions she hadn’t felt since long before Derek. Her stomach lurched. She moved away, avoided his touch. He tried to sit up. Looked around.

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