Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shadows in the Attic

In the process of renovating century old, Queen Anne style Victorian home, author, Anna Hughes decides to convert part of the attic into a quiet place to write. Her fiancĂ© points out a window on the outside of the house that doesn’t show in the attic. It’s only natural, she’d insist on knocking down a wall. Once the wall is down, they discover a room, complete with furniture, a diary, trunk full of treasures, and shadows hovering over it.
Ben Curtis, Anna’s fiancĂ© hates getting dirty but agrees to her harebrained scheme, hoping to prove her wrong. Maybe then she’d give up the idea of writing and get a real job. Once she discovered the room, there was no stopping her. Worse, she insisted she saw shadows.
Chad Andrews was thrilled when Anna hires him to renovate the attic once the wall was knocked down. Too bad she was engaged, he was attracted to more than her house.
Do they hold the answer to secrets of why the room was hidden?

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jennykellerford said...

This sounds like a great book. Anything that has to do with Victorian mansions is right up my ally.