Friday, June 10, 2011

National Iced Tea Day

National Iced Tea Day

Today is National Iced Tea Day. I wasn’t aware there was such a day, but yep, according to Bizarre, Wacky and Unique Holidays, it is.

So I thought it only fitting to post something about it. Summer is only ten days away and already we’ve had some 90 or better days. Perfect weather for Iced Tea. Although, I’ll be honest, I’m not particularly fond of the beverage. I don’t much care for hot tea either. But, my hubby does and so do my kids and I’ve made my fair share over the years. My favorite to make is Sun Tea. It’s probably also the easiest. You just fill a large jar with water, throw in the tea bags and put it in the sun. After several hours, throw in some ice, and it’s ready to serve.

Hubby likes it plain, no lemon, no sugar, so that’s how I make it. Everyone can add what they want to it later. I’ve heard Iced Tea is healthy for you also. So I guess that’s another reason to drink it, besides it’s refreshing.


Medicinal value:

Since ancient times, people have believed that tea has a wide range of medicinal uses. Modern research has given credibility to many of these beliefs and identified more. In some cases research is not conclusive. Regardless of the final determination as to its value over time, drink and enjoy because there is no research to suggest that it can hurt you and it just tastes good.

*Here are some of the known or suspected medicinal applications:

• Avoidance of heart disease

• Cancer and tumors

• Stomach ailments

• Sore throats and colds(often flavored with honey)

• Soothing, relaxing


*The Origin of Iced Tea:

In 1904, English tea plantation owner Richard Blechynden set up a booth to sell hot tea at the St. Louis World Fair. It was a sizzler of a day, and fair visitors didn't want anything hot. Rather, they needed something to quench their thirst... something cold. He dumped some of his hot tea into ice and served it cold. It was an immediate hit. This was the first known use of iced tea.

*Copied directly from the website.


lionmother said...

Who knew? My husband wanted iced tea today, so we got it at Dunkin' Donuts. They should be doing something for it:) Interesting and very informative post!

Anonymous said...

Roseanne, I think you know I have come to love and adore you. I don't know the English teacher part of you, but rather, the loving, generous, and whimsical writer, who pens about the sweet ironies of life. You have a wonderful series of book trailers showing your wonderful books. I wish you only the best. By the way, if you don't want to drink the tea, use it turn lampshades from stark white into a soft, golden beige. I just did it yesterday. A spray bottle full of warm tea and bingo! They're beautiful. I put ice cubes in what was left over and drank it down. You gotta admit, tea is versatile. By the way, the Blogger won't let me post this under my Google account. This is Heather (Haven)

Karen Cote said...

Love, love, love Sun Tea. My very favorite. Thanks for the post. Didn't know how iced tea originated. Go figure. Heather was spot on about how you build friendships. Very near and dear to this fan of yours heart.

Jim Hartley said...

Fascinating. In my opinion, sun tea sounds like a pain. We buy the powdered stuff in jars ... 2 or 3 spoonfuls in a glass, add water, stir, add a few ice cubes. Easiest way, as far as I'm concerned.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Heather, not sure where you got English teacher???? The closest I got to teaching was the classes I taught for the Encore Program at our community college (classes for seniors)and I was a school secretary for about 10 years. But thank you for the kind words. I've never dyed lamp shades, but I have dyed muslin and other fabrics. Jim, hubby doesn't like anything instant. I no longer make sun tea, Now I use the coffee maker and put the teabags in the pot. Karen and Barbara, thank you and to all of you, thanks for posting and being my friend as well as fellow authors.

J Q Rose said...

Iced tea day for me is almost every day. I can take it plain or sweetened (with real sugar, forget that artificial stuff). I measure 2 cups water in a 4 cup glass measuring cup and place 2 bags of tea in the water, then I place it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Sweeten or not, then pour over ice. Mmmmm, perfect and so easy. No waiting for the sun...LOL..Hmm, I am just full of recipes lately! Iced tea does quench my thirst on those hot summer days. Great post, Roseanne.