Thursday, June 3, 2010

Welcome, Belinda McBride

1: Thank you so much for being here, Belinda. First up is the obligatory question. When did you first begin writing?

Thanks for having me today! As to when I started writing, I distinctly remember a poem I wrote called “The Tiger,” which was about a day in the life of a kitten. I was in the first grade! LOL! After that, I’ve dabbled in journalism, poetry, play writing and fiction all my life. My first professional writing job was to adapt Dracula for the stage back in the late ‘80s. I was paid about $500 for doing that. As to my fiction writing, I decided to make a go for it professionally in 2007. My first contracts were signed in 2008 and I have over 20 distinct works available now.

2: What inspired you to write?

I’ve always lived in my head. My grandma always talked about me being such a day dreamer and told me I should be a writer. That idea lived in the back of my head most of my life. As to my present course of writing, I discovered erotic romance and e-books, and once I read some awful stuff, mixed in with the excellent stuff, decided that I had what it too.

3: What do you like the most and least about writing?

I love that I am not restricted to any specific genre. My imagination is completely indulged. I love going back into some of my old dreams and fantasies and putting them on paper.

What I like least is the isolation. I really cherish the conferences and gatherings we go to. Fortunately, I’ve met a few authors that live near me, and we occasionally get together for very, very long lunches!

4: What do you for fun and relaxation when not writing?

I read an awful lot. I go to dog shows, travel and just try to be around other people.

5: Which authors do you like to read?

Boy, there’s a question without limits! I like so many authors! I do have a few authors that are keepers, meaning I tend to return to their books. Among them are Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Neil Gaiman, Laurell K Hamilton, Kate Pearce, Marjorie Liu…have I run out of space yet?

6: What’s the one thing you’d most like people to know about you?

Well, I had a couple experiences that nearly took my life when I was in my 20s. I think the outcome of that was that I became the sort of person who actively goes after the bucket list items. It started with a trip to the UK. I’d wanted to go for a few years, and everyone that was committed to going with me would drop out for one reason or another. So I went on my own. I’ve had some amazing experiences over the years largely because of adopting a “Why Not?” attitude.

7: Tell me about your current novel, where I can find it and your website/blog.

My current book is actually in an anthology called, “Doms of Dark Haven.” My novella is a BDSM/shapeshifter story called Educating Evangeline. The anthology itself is really special; I visited a BDSM club with author Cherise Sinclair last year, and we were amazed at how we had such different perspectives on what we saw that night. We decided to do the anthology based on a single night in the club, and the magnificent Sierra Cartwright joined us.

My website is

My blog is

8: Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

Don’t be afraid to try. Writing is like any other art, it’s mostly discipline mixed with a touch of creativity. It’s intensely personal, and if you want to cross the line from hobby to professional, you need to get a thick skin and approach it as a professional does. Get over the fear and the self-consciousness. Cultivate the knowledge that you can actually change things in your manuscript to make it better. Persevere.

9: Do you base your characters on real-life people?

Not directly, but they are influenced by people I’ve met. Rose Lee from Little Dragon has a fight in the opening of the book that was pulled from the real life experience of a friend who was a cop. Sometimes you see someone or hear of an experience that’s just too vivid not to use in your writing.

10: Where do you get your ideas and what inspired you to write this book?

With Educating Evangeline I knew we were going for a Victorian theme night in the club. When we began bibling the anthology, we decided to stick with our own particular genres. I tend to write mostly sci fi and paranormal, so it became a shifter book. My werewolves tend to be very dominant, so that suited the whole BDSM genre. This time around, the title of the story came first, and then I built the story up from there.

11: What are you currently working on?

I’m presently writing a m/m paranormal romance called Blacque/Bleu. It will release in October at Loose Id in observation of Coming Out week. I have a few other projects going as well. One is the sequel to An Uncommon Whore, and another is for my sci fi series, Black Planet.

12. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

Stay tuned and keep checking in at my blog and website; I’ve got an amazing year ahead!

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