Monday, June 24, 2013

Interview with Heather Greenis

1: Thank you so much for being here, Heather Greenis. First up is the obligatory question. When did you first begin writing?

I began around 10 years ago with this series. It hard to believe it’s been that long.

2: What inspired you to write?

I had a dream and couldn’t get the characters out of my head. I told my husband about the dream and he suggested I write about it. One of the many reasons I love him. He’s a smart guy.

3: What do you like the most and least about writing?

Most - I enjoy the actual writing. Getting my thoughts on paper, researching facts, editing, and of course pondering. Trying to get the plot to unfold the best way possible

Least - anything that is out of my control. I’m not a control freak, but I am impatient. I want things to happen like clockwork. If only life worked that way. God tests me, regularly.

4: What do you for fun and relaxation when not writing?

In the winter, I curl. I teach the sport two hours a week and play 2 to 3 times a week on adult leagues. My husband and I both play. Our Canadian winter speeds by.

During the summer, I putter in the flower gardens and tend to the veggy garden.

We enjoy traveling. I’m not the type to sit and relax on the beach, but explore the countryside or a city. What make this place tick!

I enjoy photography, taking pictures of critters and unique things. I also enjoy astronomy, but I’m far from an expert on the topic. I enjoy gazing into the night sky.

We own a dog and she likes to walk so out we go at least twice a day.

5: Which authors do you like to read?

I don’t have a favorite author. I love a good drama or an action with some suspense. I stay away from horror. A bedtime reader, I want to sleep, not dream about the creepy scene I just read.

6: What’s the one thing you’d most like people to know about you?

That I am shy. You won’t see me at public events standing with a microphone in my hand reading a prepared speech.

Once you get to know me, and I’m comfortable in a small group, I can become a little chatter box

7: Tell me about your current novel, where I can find it and your website/blog.

My novel is the first of a four part saga. Each book leaving with unanswered questions.

It actually started as one book but became too long so I split it into four sections.

Natasha’s Dream is a story that my character Keeghan is dreaming about. In Keeghan’s dream, Natasha dreams of a life different from the one dictated by her birth and status. The plot deals with life choices and consequences. Natasha rebels keeping secrets from everyone that knows her. Her diary is the only outlet for her fears, hopes and dreams. She lives in constant fear that the truth of her identity or her deception will be revealed.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a website or blog yet. I have played with a few templates, but I’m not getting results I’m willing to take live. I know I need a website, but I want a site I can be proud to put my name behind. I need to dedicate some time to it.

For now, I’m on . Facebook

My book will be available on my publisher’s site and on Kobo, Amazon and most other distributors.

8: Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

Don’t give up. Follow your gut. I wrote and allowed family members to read my effort. At the beginning, I really didn’t get comments. To me, that meant they didn’t like it. Back to the editing and rewriting. I finally asked my niece, an avid reader to read the book and give me an honest opinion. Don’t be afraid of hurting me. Make notes as you go along. I remember visiting the university student a few months later and her mom saying, be honest. My niece told me she liked the story line, but...

Boy, did we have a long talk. She gave me some great pointers. I went home and rewrote and edited it yet again. Without allowing anyone to read the new and improved version, I submitted the first book in the series. Nine months later, I received that glorious e-mail. MuseitUp was willing to publish my novel. Woohoo!

9: Do you base your characters on real-life people?

Not with this series. The plot dictated the characteristics of the characters. My original dream was the ending of the first book. My imagination had to backtrack to make the plot unfold. My husband wasn’t impressed with my ending and told me to keep going. The story grew.

10: Where do you get your ideas and what inspired you to write this book?

Life. Conversations, something that happens, something I see, something I read. My imaginations combines everything into a wacky dream and I wake in the morning thinking about it. I don’t wake well rested too often. My mind is too busy to relax.

11: What are you currently working on?

I have a contract for three of the four books in the series.

Natasha’s Dream
Natasha’s Diary
Natasha’s Hope
Natasha’s Legacy.

I am doing the final edit on the fourth in the series, preparing to submit it for consideration. I’m expecting my first round of edits for the Natasha’s Diary any day now. In the back of my mind Natasha’s Diary will be with my second editor and Natasha’s Hope will be with the first editor.

Assuming Natasha’s Legacy is contracted, this schedule will continue. I’ll be busy.

12. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
I’m a compassionate softy. I love and support anything environmental. I’m proud of the fact we have solar panels on our home.
I love critters. We have one domestic critter, a spoiled dog and we have more flying and four-legged ones than we can count visiting our home daily. Our wild bird food bill is atrocious.


When Constable’s nose touched her thigh, Keeghan lowered her hand to rub her head. Only moments

earlier the dog had been drowning by her side. How was it possible she was dry? She touched her own yoga pants. Dry. Her ponytail was dry. How is it possible? What happened to me? Am I dead and in Heaven? If so, she didn’t like it. Heaven was supposed to be a wonderful place.

“Welcome,” the gentleman beside her whispered. “I hoped you would arrive earlier. Pay attention to the young couple.”

The man spoke as if she were a long-lost friend. She had no idea who he was or how she arrived at this place.

“Earlier? Where am I?” Keeghan screeched.

My voice! My voice is back!

“Shh,” the gentleman whispered.

“I won’t be quiet! Answer me,” Keeghan demanded, fighting back tears.

“Shh, listen,” the gentleman repeated.

She turned her attention back to young man in front of her who continued to stare at the floor.

“Stewart,” the woman whispered. “I…”

Keeghan was confused. The young couple seemed oblivious to her, but the gentleman beside her wasn’t. He must have some answers and could help her and Constable find their way home.

“Who are these people? Who are you? Where am I? I want to go home!”

“Allow me to escort you outside,” he whispered, sounding discouraged.

“Who are you?”

“In a moment. Madam, if you would be so kind as to follow me.”

Keeghan was apprehensive, though sure Constable would protect her. However she might have arrived in this room, there had to be a better, easier way home. She wanted to go home,

now. Without another option, she gripped the dog’s collar, turned, and followed the gentleman to the door. Once outside, he led the way through manicured grounds, where the sky was a wonderful shade of blue, the grass was green, and wildflowers were in full bloom. They passed an immaculate flower garden before the gentleman stopped under a large oak tree and sat on the grass. Keeghan looked back to see a three-story yellow stone building, around which were gathered a multitude of young men and a few women. All were dressed in the same style of clothing as the young couple she had just seen. Nothing looked at all familiar.

“Where am I? Who are you? Why…?”

“We are in Kassima,” the gentleman replied, his tone still very relaxed. “Neither you nor your dog will be harmed. My apologies, I have forgotten my manners. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alexander.” He gave a slight bow.

The name Kassima meant nothing to her. The only thing she wanted was to return to the comforts of her own home before Will returned from his golf game. Although the man was friendly enough, it was obvious he wasn’t in any hurry to assist her.

“You have to help me. Please help me find my way home. My husband, my parents. Will’s parents…I’ll be missed.”

“Shh. I’d like you to listen to a story. You have my assurance neither you nor your pet will be harmed or missed. Please allow me the privilege of your attention.”


“Madam I assure you, your family will not fret. Please, I must ask for your full attention.”


Nancy M Bell said...

Nice interview, Ladies. Always great to get know the story behind the story.


Heather said...

thanks for stopping by, Nancy. Thanks so much for hosting me, Roseanne

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. Thanks for hosting me, Roseanne.

Heather said...

love your cover picture and the quote, Roseanne.

J Q Rose said...

Congrats on having your series picked up. I'm sure #4 will make the cut. It sounds like readers will fall in love with your main character. Glad you persevered and good for your hubby taking such an interest in your story. Best wishes!!

Heather said...

thanks JQ - I'm not too concerned about #4, It's the wrap up. As for hubby, I'm fortunate. He's a great guy.
Thanks for hosting me Roseanne. I'm learning people will not post comments, but I am getting messages about the blog which is positive.

Roseanne Dowell said...

You're welcome, Heather. And, yes, I've found many people don't leave comments. Glad you're experience has been positive.

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